Class photo 3F1

By Joanna Balcombe

Back row - Lee Carrie, Chris Richardson, Laurie Stonehouse, ? , Mark Thorne, Stuart Gadd, Rene Duchossoy, Nick Kerslake.

Middle row - Glen Ripley, ? , ? , Joanna Balcombe, Sharon? , ? , Noel Hawker.

Bottom row - ? , ? , ? , Jim Ward AKA Bartie Bald Patch, ? , Tracey Nolan, Shelly Irons.

Photo:Tideway School Class - 1981 (3F1)

Tideway School Class - 1981 (3F1)

Joanna Balcombe Collection

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I look young! Standing between Mark Thorne and Laurie is Richard Hall. Jill Prentice is next to Bartie - left as we view it. Sure I know more of these, but was so long ago.

By Stewart Gadd
On 08/03/2013

Wow. This photo brings back memories. PS I think that's Samantha Vincent next to me.

By Noele
On 31/07/2013

This is my sister's form class. She was Jo Widdup (bottom left) and we still see 2nd row (3rd from right) girl with the blonde bob, Mary Sandford. She'll know more, I'll tell her to have a look!

By Julie Dickson
On 30/05/2014

Does anyone know if that is Glen Ripley, 1st middle row. 

By Abigail Medhurst
On 15/08/2014

Yup, that's definitely Glen in the red jumper. 

By Noele
On 07/09/2014

Back Row: Lee Carey, Christopher ? Laurie Stonehouse, Richard Hall, Mark Thorne, Stewart Gadd, Rene Duchossoy, Nick Kerslake.

Middle Row: Glen Ripley, Shanchia Baker, Melanie Porter, Jo Balcombe, Sharon West, Mary Sandford, Sam Vincent, Noel Hawker.

Front Row: Joe Widdup, Donner Tucknott, Jill Prentice, Leona Berry, Tracey Nolan (me), Shelley Irons plus Barty Ward of course !

By Tracey Nolan
On 17/10/2014

Think the missing name is Christopher Richardson, read the name out every day for five years  !!

By Jim Ward
On 16/06/2015

Not sure my sister Donna has seen this - I'll be sure to pass it on!

By Paul Tucknott
On 18/06/2015

I went to Tideway school between 1981 to 1986.  I was in class 1B1, with Mrs Parkinson being head of the block and the group tutor for the first few years being Mrs Delima.   In later years, it was Mr Hulkes.  

I remember many of the teachers I had at the school.  Miss Butlin, Miss (Rose) Futej, Mrs Guy, Mr Foster, Mrs Goddern, Miss Jenkins, Mr Dawes and of course headmaster Mr (Ken) Saxby.  There was also Miss Johnson, who was given the task of sorting out the subjects to be taken for the TVEI course when it started in 1984.    

I also remember that there was many trips that the teachers would arrange to take children on in their own time, such as the trip that Miss Futej arranged to take a group off us to see Starlight Express at the Apollo Theatre in London one evening after school.  

 Within B1 you had Maria Miller, Tracy King, Michelle Dufour, Melanie Shoebridge, Stella Creasey, Jackie Webb, Kerry Bangall, Simone Haggerty, Tina Hague, Michelle Bremer, Suzanne King, Mathew Lambert, Mathew Lonsdale, Nicholas Jones, Jonathan Dean, Martin Storer, Daniel Miller, Neil Feist and Gary Carter.  Apologies, if I have forgotten anyone.  I know in B2, you had Barry Smith, Jason Minter, Julian Tarrant-Boyce, Stuart Trigwell, Marco De Stefano but I cannot remember who else was in B2 in 1981.    

By Robert Shipway
On 01/05/2018

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