Early 1960's

By Ginny Smith

Photo:Walk in the fort

Walk in the fort

Ginny Smith

This page was added by Ginny Smith on 15/09/2008.
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In this picture you and your dad are actually inside the Fort, on the path up to the North embankment, the room you can just see (the top of in the back ground) is now our Dieppe & D-Day display, a very good picture though because at the top of the path is the Haxo emplacement which was bulldozed in the 60's so very interesting.  I hope this helps.

By Ed Tyhurst
On 14/12/2008

Interesting as the Fort is currently in the news regarding the lease and a possible sale of the site. The Army vacated the Fort in 1962 so I'm assuming this picture was taken before 1965 when the whole area was closed to the general public.

By Laurie Stonehouse
On 18/07/2012

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