How it worked but why the difference?

By Richard Beckett

This photo of the old Tollbridge was published many years ago as one of a series of Newhaven postcards.

Photo:Tollbridge looking approximately North West

Tollbridge looking approximately North West

Old Postcard

I have been unable to find any copies of the original drawings for the layout of the bridge and in the course of attempting to build a scale model I have closely inspected the photo in order to gain some idea of the method and actual distances and sizes of materials used in the construction. However, close examination of the photograph has revealed an anomoly which I am at a loss to understand and I would appreciate any comments from anyone which might enlighten me.

Looking at the picture and comparing the left hand lifting span with that of the right hand side, although it would appear that both lifting spans are the same length and of similar construction, it can be clearly seen that there are THREE ropes attached to the bridge deck on the left span, yet there are only TWO on the right hand side.

Anybody any ideas? Comments welcomed.

This page was added by Richard Beckett on 27/07/2008.
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How about to lift the LH span to disengage it from the other one before pulling them back. Presumably you've looked at the model in the museum?

By Pete Mason
On 28/07/2008

With due respect to Alan Parsons, who made the model in the museum, I do not recall his model identifying the difference in the number of ropes on the moveable spans, also it differs in other respects with the construction visible in the photograph.

By Richard Beckett
On 30/07/2008

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