Previously Newhaven County Secondary School

By Helen Wagstaff (nee Russell)

This photo is of a concert by some of the pupils in about 1967/8, just before Newhaven Secondary changed to Tideway and became comprehensive.  Some of the faces I remember are:

Back Row - ?, Mole, Bob Moore, Colin Fish, Peter Russell (my brother!)

Middle Row- Anne Beswetherick, ?

Front Row - ?, ?, Tommy

Perhaps someone can fill in the gaps.

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This page was added by Helen Wagstaff (nee Russell) on 24/09/2007.
Comments about this page

Hi.This was a talent comp at Tideway. The band was called Fuzz. My good old mate is the blonde lad in the middle Bob Moore, and I think the lad on his left is Pete Russell, on his right may be Pat Medhurst. The one back row with curly hair was called by a nickname 'Mole' as I remember. He was the lighting man for the band. The lad on Bob's left without the guitar I think is Colin Fish. I came in the third and won, one pound ten shillings playing my bugel.

By Tommy Holmes
On 22/01/2008


By pat medhurst
On 27/02/2008

The lad in the middle of the front row is Richard Newns. We started at Tideway in the first Comprehensive year in September 1968 and were in the same classes for a lot of the time. We were both learning piano but he'd been playing longer than me so I didn't go in for this competition.

By Andy Gilbert
On 29/02/2008

I see Helen (nee Russell) added this photo. We are trying to locate her brother Peter (in photo) for our next school reunion, last heard of in Essex?

By Janet Baker
On 01/03/2008

Aaargh! My past is haunting me! Thanks to Steve Robinson and Andy Gilbert for keeping that one under wraps! I still play to a large, appreciative crowd every week - but they are in church and don't have any option but to listen. I think I lost the talent contest.

By Rich Newns
On 13/04/2008

I remember you all!!------- especially Bob Moore! What a wonderful photo to bring back memories.

By Miss Butlin
On 21/10/2013

I see my dear friend Anne Beswetherick (now Waller) in this picture. She lives in Vancouver, Canada and I live on Vancouver Island in Canada and we get to see each other about once a year and keep in close contact. We are still keep in touch with our best friends from Tideway and it's lovely to see some of the old photos here.

By Caroline Morrison (nee Taylor)
On 07/02/2014

That is Tommy Holmes in the front

By Peter Wojciechowskyj
On 12/05/2014

The back row left to right is Nigel Barratt, Bob Morley(mole), Bob Moore, Colin Fish and Pete Russell and bottom row far right my old mate Tommy Holmes. Fondly remember you too Miss Butlin, bet you remember me though for all the wrong reasons ha ha! The band were called something like Psycadelic Amoebae.

By Bob Moore
On 06/11/2014

I remember Anne Beswetherick as we were in the same year. Also remember Tommy and Nigel.  Most of all Pete Russell as I went out with his best mate Kevin just because I really fancied Pete and thought I could get to Pete through Kevin. It didn't work and I have been married to Kevin for 41 Years!!!!!!  Remember you Miss Butlin.......didn't you teach history? 

By Margaret Baker (nee Campbell)
On 01/02/2015

I think the band might have been called Astral Amoeboid!

By Naomi Raeburn
On 11/09/2016

I'm feeling left out, does anyone remember me Kevin Billington, went to Tideway from 1965 - 1967 did not attend much only Tuesday for woodwork and Friday for ice skating always got a clap from Mr Clark when I attended his class for English.

By Kevin Billington
On 23/01/2018

I was there at Newhaven Secondary School and still am friends with Bobby Morley’ Mole ‘ 57 years later. I thought up the name Astral Amoeboid in 1967 and did the light show. I also being’ arty’ did some of the posters for the bands. They changed name over the 3 years. Would be good to catch up with any of the other kids from our school days. Still have local connections in the Newhaven area.

By Gregory Taylor
On 01/02/2022

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