Mailboat arriving at Newhaven

By Ginny Smith

I wonder if your relatives are in this photo?

Photo:'The mailboat arriving at Newhaven'

'The mailboat arriving at Newhaven'

This page was added by Ginny Smith on 24/09/2007.
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Does anyone know the name of this ship in the picture?

By John Oakley
On 30/07/2017

It's the French-flagged Arromanches (1947). Distinguishable from her twin sister Londres by the fact the her forward navigation lights are mounted at the from corner of her superstructure. Londres had hers mounted on the wings of the bridge. She's flying the Red Ensign as a courtesy flag from the foremast and the Newhaven-Dieppe houseflag from the mainmast. I can't make out the other flag flying from the mainmast in black and white, but in the days before VHF radio, our steamers would fly signal flags to indicate information such as number of passengers on board. These would be spotted and the information forwarded from the West Pier to the harbour offices by telephone.

By Andy Gilbert
On 30/07/2017

This would be after war. I believe the Worthing and the Brighton belong to SR. One was lost at Dunkirk my next door neighbour Mr. Crowcher was killed in the engine room.

By John Oakley
On 27/10/2017

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