JACK IVES ACCORDIAN BAND - Photos 1930's and 1947

Do you recognise anyone in this photo?


This photo is on an advertisment for a local estate agent which was put through my door a few months ago, I have only lived in Newhaven for a few years so I don't know much about the history of it, if anyone has any information about this photo of Jack Ives Accordion band which was taken in 1947 at The White Hart Hotel I would love know.

The second photograph is from Marilyn Morris, taken in the 1930's.

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Photo:Jack Ives Band 1930's (Top Right Ron Player)

Jack Ives Band 1930's (Top Right Ron Player)

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My parents used to play in a dance band in the 1940's and 1950's. They moved to Newhaven in the 50's from the Midlands and got to know Jack Ives through music. Jack Ives was a Jazz pianist who married a singer. I'll show this photo to my parents and see if they recognize anyone.

By By Helen Wagstaff (nee Russell)
On 07/10/2007

Thank you Helen for your quick response, as I'm quite new to Newhaven I don't know much about the history of it, but I really found this photo of interest as it shows the people in the band so clearly, I did take it to work where there's a lot of local Newhaven people but unfortunately no one seemed to recognise anyone in it.

On 10/10/2007

I know there was a local butcher called Harry Ives who's shop was in Chapel Street but I don't know if Jack was his father.

By Vicky Delaney
On 13/04/2008

Harry was Jack's father. Jack's wife is alive and well.

By Boscoe Cat
On 16/05/2008


My grandfather was in a band called Jack Ives quartet and I have one photo he was based in Seaford, so I'm guessing it's the same accordian player.

Would it be possible to upload your photo to our website Marlon?

John -- Editor

By Marlon Lindo
On 10/06/2021

I was married in 1971 and Jack Ives quartet played at my wedding, my dad knew him well. 

By Theresa Hounsome
On 21/05/2022

Jack Ives was my father 

By Anita Ives
On 30/07/2023

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