By Laurie Stonehouse

The following photographs show a summers day along the East Quay in 1980. The Tug Meeching is probably towing a mud barge out beyond the Breakwater, (you can just about see the tow cable). The cargo ships appear to be unloading timber.

Photo:Meeching and Cargo Ships - 1980

Meeching and Cargo Ships - 1980

Kind Permission of Carol Vale

Photo:East Quay Cargo Ships - 1980

East Quay Cargo Ships - 1980

Kind Permission of Carol Vale

Photo:East Quay - 1980

East Quay - 1980

Kind Permission of Carol Vale

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Nice photos, as always, Laurie.

If I remember correctly, the John Brinckman was one a regular stream of East German 'reefers' - refrigerated cargo ships. Normally used for the fruit trade as far as Newhaven goes, so I doubt if it's timber on her. Can't tell about the vessel behind her though, so you may well be right.

Unusual to see Meeching with the orange lifeboat. I think it was the 'spare' and nobody liked the appearance. The regular white boat was usually pretty soon returned to its proper place.

By Andy Gilbert
On 10/04/2009

Well the truth about the "Orange Lifeboat" on The Meeching.
I recall My Dad (John Watkins) pointing at a picture similar in his 3rd album of Meeching history. It was all to do with Good Old British Rail trying something new moving with the times but it was soon repainted back to white. And also in the mid 90's they had to put a day glow refective strip around the gunwhale. Good old heath and saftey!!

We have found some more pictures of Meeching in the loft with paper work which includes stability documents and what looks like the deck long book.

By Heidi watkins.
On 10/05/2009

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