Bridge Street Drill Hall, July 1961.

By John Sweatman

I can't recall a lot of the names now, but the second row, left to right in uniform are I think, Richard Halpin, Paul Simmonds, John Owen, John Sweatman, Mike Nicholson, Lt Simmonds, Rev Naderer (Rector of Rodmell) Sub Lt W Sweatman,  A member of the management Committee; the Commanding Officer Lt Cdr Harrison, committee member; ? Lt...; Lt Cdr Harrison (C.o's Brother; Mrs Taylor, Unit secretary, Mr Richardson, the RNR Shipkeeper, Jeff Collington, Alan Farley and (I think ) Richard Dixon

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Interesting picture with lots of familiar faces, plus you can just see the Bofars and 4" twin guns to the rear of these jaunty group of cadets with officers and committee members . This was a very active period for the unit with lots of boat handling crews gaining many trophies at 'Ravens Ait' on the Thames and also at the Portsmouth HMS Excellent event. I was myself in this unit at this time and have many happy memories.

By chris young
On 16/10/2009

I had a bit of difficulty picking us out due to the eyes not being what they were, but I believe I am 4th from the left in the back row in uniform, and next to me (5th from left) is my cousin George Martin. We both joined the navy the following year.

By Ray Sexton
On 25/10/2009

My father (also called 'Tom Bonnor') was a Chief Petty Officer at about that time. Using a magnifying glass I think I could identify him and one or two of his comrades If I could see the original photo. I was at school in those days and often used to call in on my way home and play with that big gun in the background. I used to be told off because I was able to wind the manual handle and completely turn it round. At the left of the picture there is another gun which I used to have a go on as well. They were good times....

By Tom Bonnor
On 31/10/2009

The Revend Naderer ran a confirmation class, which ended with a number of boys being confirmed at his Parish Church in Rodmell. I also seem to remember hearing that number of boys were married by him and he christened a few of the children of past boys.

On 14/02/2010

How interesting. I am the new boy cadet left side second row, out of uniform. Where have all the years gone, I have been based in Dubai for 32 years now. I can make out Laurence Bullman, left side back row (another new boy). All the other faces I remember, among them, Sweatman, Harrisson, Petty Officer John Owen, Richard Halpin, Phil Clarke and so on and on !!!!!

By Graham Young
On 10/04/2010

I am somewhere in amongst the crowd. I was a cadet from July 1958 - 1964, rejoined as a PO in 1984 and will retire next July. I have loved every minute of it.

By Lt M G Simmons
On 09/07/2010

Not only was l confirmed by the "Padre" Rev Nadera but l was also married by him. I don't remember the confimation date but l got married on 13th July 1968.

By Lt MG Simmons
On 09/07/2010

A great photograph showing the strenght of the Unit in those days. I am in the back row 6th. from the left in uniform. My late father is in the 2nd row to the left of Lt.cmdr. Harrison, the C.O's brother and my brother John is on the far right of the 2nd row. The gentleman between Lt. Sweatman and the C.O. I'm pretty sure, is Commander Johnson. Chairman of the Management Committee

By Bob Dickson
On 21/07/2010

Hello Bob, I have read your last posting and remember your father well as our mother also served on the commitee at this time. I believe you are one of three brothers who I think were all involved with this unit during this period. My brother Graham, posted a comment recently after I informed him of this site, he lives and works in Dubai, but remembers those days when lots of 'pulling' and other sailing events were well supported by this unit usually collecting many trophies.

By Chris Young
On 08/08/2010

Hi Chris, I think I'm there somewhere, 3rd row 11th from the left standing next to Roy Doyle, with Bernard Redmill just behind me. The late Laurence Bulman back row left, as a "new entry", had not yet received his uniform.

By Harry M.
On 05/09/2011

I am Rev Naderers daughter my father "The Padre" sadly died in Sept 1998, however my mother is still alive aged 87 living on her own in Bognor Regis. She would love to hear from any sea cadets that remember the family. 

Rosalind Naderer

By Rosalind Naderer
On 10/10/2016

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