Harbour Watch House

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following picture of Newhaven Harbour shows a building that resembles the Ark Inn, but the building is, in fact, the Harbour Watch House. Behind this structure in Fort Road there is a glimpse of a large house called Lorraine. Views of moored vessels with tall masts would suggest this photograph was taken around 1900. In the far right hand corner is the Sheerlegs crane which was situated outside the Marine Workshops; the tall three legged crane puts the picture into perspective.

Photo:Harbour / West Quay - c1900

Harbour / West Quay - c1900

H Hills collection

Photo:Harbour Watch House / West Quay - c1900

Harbour Watch House / West Quay - c1900

H Hills Collection

Photo:Lorraine / West Quay - 1962 (Edited from Meeching Tug Photo)

Lorraine / West Quay - 1962 (Edited from Meeching Tug Photo)

J K Stonehouse

Photo:Meeching Tug - 1962

Meeching Tug - 1962

J K Stonehouse

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The last picture in this selection shows the old Cantells & Son chandlery buildings, together with the original lorry which my brother ( Mr Graham Young ) used to drive to both Brighton & Billingsgate markets for Newhaven Fish & Flake Ice Association, in the early 1970's when he managed this Association Ice Store in the quarry location, all looks quite quaint now since the redevelopement of West Quay areas etc .

By Chris Young
On 08/01/2010

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