An aerial view from 1964

By Trevor and Vicki Blann

Photo:Aerial View of Denton - 1964

Aerial View of Denton - 1964

Blann family private collection

This view is dated 15th May 1967 and shows Denton and Mount Pleasant. The Avis Parade shops are in place, as is a new-looking Searchlight building. Wellington Road is only half its current length and the top half of Cantercrow Hill is still not much more than a dirt track up to the fields above.

How some things have changed, while others have remained the same. Is your house here? Clicking on the image should open a much larger version for you to look at.

Checking other photos, John Hills has posted an aerial photo that's clearly taken from the same plane at the same time. You can find it at

Date confirmed as 1964 - someone had poor handwriting!


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Comments about this page

The photo must be 1964, as our house in Denton Road and was built in 1965 and does not appear in the picture.

By Nicola MacDonald
On 26/02/2010

Yes  I think we can confirm this picture was taken on the 15th May 1964. The house we live in was built in the summer of 1964 and does not appear in the picture, only the oversite is visable !   

By John Hills
On 27/02/2010

There have been a few emails flying back and forth between John Hills and myself regarding certain landmarks and dates on this photo. I think we agree with Nicola that it must be 1964. My parents had an extension built on their bungalow in that year which is on the photo. However, my Grandparents moved to Denton in 1966 and the garden shed which they built in their garden isn't there. Looking at all the open spaces brings back happy memories, particularly the ground behind the original houses in Kings Avenue. That was the playground for many of the local kids; we referred to it as "The Back." Kath and Bob Hawkins used to arrange a good bonfire night celebration there and we kids took the building of the bonfire very seriously. Often a war would break out between the Denton kids and Mount Pleasant kids as we raided each others bonfires. There were also a lot of corrugated iron sheets around from the old air raid shelters which we used for building camps and making road blocks. We would make a road block across Denton Drive then hide in the bushes and wait for some unfortunate car driver to have to climb out of his car and clear his way. What little mum would have killed me if she'd have known!

By Helen Wagstaff
On 26/02/2010

This picture mainly shows 'Mount Pleasant' with Denton on the extreme left of the picture. Also because this is an aerial picture the topography is not well defined as Mount Pleasant is very prominent ( As everyone looks to it coming east of the river! ) as this hill tends to screen Denton village, but an unusual perspective.

By Chris Young
On 16/05/2010

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