A photo from 1966

By David Bain

Newhaven 'Olympics' F. C. seen here in World Cup winning year, 1966.

Some of names are:-


Back row left to right:-

?, Mick Winder, ?, Alan Tapp, ?, Derek Eager, Tony Mitchell, David Bain, ?, ?.

Front row left to right:-

?, John Kingswood, Nicky Winder, ?, Alan Stone.


Can you fill in the names in the spaces ? and who are the 3 ladies ?     John--Editor

Photo:Newhaven 'Olympics'

Newhaven 'Olympics'

Private collection of David Bain

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The chap in the suit standing on the left is Don Winder and standing to the right of David Bain as we look are Dave Newnham and Mike Smith (I think). The guy kneeling in front of the lady on the right with the trophy looks very much like Alan Jones.

By Dave King
On 13/06/2010

I agree with Dave that chap in suit is Don Winder and you are right about Dave Newnham and Mike Smith....went to school with Mike. Alan Jones is also correct and I can help with missing player in back row between Mick Winder and Alan Tapp, that is Dave Eager (Derek's brother). Can't think of the names of the 3 ladies but remember their faces very well. I started playing for 'Olympics' the year after this photo was taken as Alan Tapp was a close friend of mine and introduced me to the club.

By Paul Blackman
On 09/07/2010

Who is the goalkeeper? And who is the guy kneeling front left? I recognise all the other faces as I played football with most of them at some stage. I also played cricket with 4 of them, Bainer, Tappy, Nicky and Derek, we were fit then, happy days!

By Ray Wells
On 07/08/2010

Does anyone know of Micheal Willy (not sure if this is the correct spelling) who used to play for Newhaven Olympics in the 60's ?

By Tracey Nolan
On 16/10/2010

As Ray said we were fit then. Players were (standing) from left. Don Winder, Mike Winder (Linesman), Dave Eager, Alan Tapp,  Chris Collingham (import from Eastbourne via Piddinghoe Sunday FC), Derek Eager, Tony Mitchell, Dave Bain, Dave Newnham, Mike Smith, and (kneeling) again from left, Ray Elliot, John Kingswood, Nick Winder, Alan Jones and Alan Stone. The ladies were Nicky Winder's mum (centre) and two of his aunties.

The trophies were the Brighton League's Division 2 Championship (which would I think mean it was the first year after Bishopstone merged with East Side Rovers, renamed and moved to East Side Rec) and the Newhaven Charity Cup (we beat Newhaven Town after they accepted our drunken challenge issued one night in the White Hart).

Apart from the fact that we won, I remember the game as it was the first time we had a substitute, as my fitness was doubtful Nicky Winder negotiated the use of one. As he anticipated I lasted only 10/15 mins when Alan Stone replaced me.

By Derek Eager
On 01/01/2011

I remember all the players very well and as goalkeeper played with them for a couple of seasons. Don Winder got me to play football again after I had a suffered serious facial injuries when at Eastbourne United. I hope all are still going strong. 

By Chris Collingham
On 06/12/2011

I remember Mick Willey when working at the Metcalf & Motley scrap metal yard along Drove Road. I worked there with Mick and my mate John Ford. Very quick agile player was Mick W.

By Mick Matthews
On 04/10/2012

Hey guys, could any of you drop a story about 1966 Newhaven charity cup. I'm part way restoring the cup which currently resides at Lewes FC. Please drop a line to and as we want to run an article in the Sussex Express and get the tournament up and running again.

Many thanks

By Andy
On 26/02/2015

Was Mick Winder the physio? for the team.

By Ian
On 19/10/2018

I was delighted to meet Dave Newnham on Saturday - he was watching Newhaven v Jersey Bulls in the FA Cup. He and fellow spectator Ted Roe gave me a potted history of Newhaven FC, and bought me a cuppa at half-time. I'll be mentioning all of this in my new blog at - coming soon!

By Wayne Andrews
On 23/08/2021

Interesting to read this article, I went to school with David Bain and Dave Newnham. I have asked before on Our Newhaven about photographs of Newhaven FC from the 1930s on the site .They show my Grandfather standing on the left of the team in a suit. I had no idea he had anything to do with the club If anyone can throw any light on this i would be grateful. I will have a look at Wayne Andrews's when it is going.

By Terry Howard
On 24/08/2021

Hi you guys, long time since we won those trophy’s. Great team.. are any of you still out there, love to hear from you after all this time.

By Chris Collingham
On 13/02/2024

 Hi Chris, how are you doing? Alan Stone here still going strong but not quite match fit?? 

By Alan Stone
On 04/03/2024

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