Newhaven swing bridge pictured about 1966

By John Hills

Here is a nice picture of the Newhaven swing bridge about 1966 with a Southdown bus coming across, you can just make out behind the bus part of Denton Terrace and The Railway pub.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN SWING BRIDGE' page

M. W. Hills

This page was added by John Hills on 05/07/2008.
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If the date is correct I could have been the driver of that bus as I left Southdown in 1967 to live in Australia. Well I remember the rattling timber boards of the bridge as we crossed over. And look how light the traffic was in those days.

By Jim Still
On 29/02/2008

Yup and (I could well have been the conductor Jim). We did get booked out on the same bus a time or two eh!

By William Still
On 01/03/2008

Just think - not only did they actually have the job of manually rotating the bridge, to let craft through, if my memory serves me correctly, before that could happen, they had to disconnect the gas main which ran across the bridge, connecting east Newhaven to west Newhaven. I probably travelled across the bridge that day too, as we lived in Denton, and I worked on Denton Island, although I will have dropped my wife off at Vacco.

By Roger Morley
On 22/05/2008

Brilliant - I have been searching for pictures of the old bridge. As a youngster I stayed at No.1 Denton Terrace with my grandparents in 1950s to early 60s = Woolgar's. Often saw bridge open and recall the odd occasion when an 0-6-0 locomotive crossed the bridge to the west shore sidings and fort - such memorable days.

By Malcolm Dubber
On 28/09/2009

I was a beat PC in Newhaven in 1966. I well remember on night foot patrols looking over the old bridge at the huge mullet feeding off the weed on the wooden piles. Every road in the town was visited at least once by a patrolling policeman in those days!

By Roy Hills
On 01/05/2010

Malcolm, as you know well, I was born in No 4 ! 

By Virginia Swan
On 16/06/2014

I lived in Bishopstone at that time and worked at The Buckle Filling Station, Seaford. My father worked at Reprodux Furniture ( Bevan Funnel?) On Denton Island; my Step Mother at Parker Pens.

As I recall we used to buy fresh fish from a stall near the bridge?

I have just watched the 1953 film Steel Key that features several street scenes of Newhaven at that time.

I'll upload some pictures shortly.

By Roy Warren
On 08/02/2018

Great film!  Shots of Bridge Street, River Wall and the bridge being opened.

By Tony Bannister
On 08/02/2019

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