Emergency repairs

By Bryan Berry

We're used to seeing photos of our steamers on the gridiron but there were two other places where vessels could be left high and dry for underwater work. These were the South Hard and the smaller Hard next to the harbour Watch House.

This photo shows TS Worthing - in service here from 1928 to 1955 - on the South Hard. She was about to put to sea when a leak was discovered in the engine room, so she was immediately moved across for repairs. Now the South Hard was not completely flat and there was always a risk of rocks or boulders being caught underneath the ship when she settled as the tide ebbed. This time everything went well and the leak was repaired internally with a concrete patch.

Photo:Worthing on the Hard

Worthing on the Hard

Bryan Berry

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In 1953 there was 'a great storm' of similar intensity to that which most will recall from 1987. The storm became infamous for the terrible flooding that occurred down the east coast. However, a lot of damage was done lcoally especially to the seafront at Seaford where the main road from Newhaven, which at the time ran along the seafront, was breached. I remember going down to see the damage and watching the Worthing sail out of Newhaven into utterly violent seas. I had a pair of binoculars with me and saw her roll so far over that you could virtually see down her funnel! It must have been a dreadful crossing for those unfortunate enough to be aboard that day. At the end of her service to Dieppe she was sold to the Greeks and re-named Phryni lasting a few more years on service around the Greek Islands.

By Derek Longly
On 23/06/2011

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