Chapel Street, 1959 or 60

By Andre Havard

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I'm not sure if it's an age thing but I've noticed that several of the contributors here were in the same school year as me. Do we suddenly have a yearning to connect with our pasts when we hit our fifties? Just a thought. I went to Newhaven Secondary/Tideway in 1967.
Del White has been mentioned somewhere on this site so I thought I'd post this.
I've inherited the family photgraphs and have been scanning them over the last couple of years. I came across this one of Del White in fancy dress along with two unknown ladies. Maybe someone knows who they are? The girl to the left is my sister Emelia standing outside our house which was next to the beer house. It's still there as part of the white building in what is now the shopping precinct. Number 14 was owned by the owners of the beer house.

By the way, I never went in there for a drink until the day it closed. I was hitching a lift home from work in Brighton and was picked up by a member of CAMRA who was on his way to have a last drink before it closed. He told me that it was a beer house, not a pub. I'd been in as a child, usually to retrieve my dad and granndad and it seemed huge. When I returned for my one and only drink, I couldn't believe how tiny it was - just like somone's front parlour.

I'm not sure when we moved there, probably around 1957 - 58 but I know we left to move to Northdown Road in August 1960 so this photo predates our moving.

Our loo was at the bottom of the garden in those days and it was shared with Del White. He was supposed to share with the chimney sweep but he didn't want to as the sweep was sooty, if you know what I mean. I'm sure we also had drinkers coming out of the bar next door and using our loo from time to time.
I'm not sure who took the photo. I may have been my dad but it's unlikely as the subjects still have their heads in the frame.

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Del looks a lot younger than I remember him, we didn't go to him many times, my mum didn't like him burping all the time. We then went to someone called Garry in Bridge Street. Later we went to a hairdresser in Elphick Road,  I can't think of his name though.

By Terry Howard
On 10/02/2012

Re Terry's comment above, I used to go to hairdresser in Elphick Road in the 60's, I think his name was something like Dave Concozza or close to that. He was only in his 20's or early 30's at the time. The only Chemist I remember in Bridge Street was Mr Gibson who I think was next to the Bus Office. We lived opposite him in Brighton Road.

By Paul Blackman
On 10/02/2012

Del White was a "one cut wonder" and a very slow worker at that. I think it was the whisky that caused those famous "burps" he was often dodging out to the kitchen for a swig. Do you remember his old hand clippers pulling your hair!!! Garry in Bridge Street, I think was Norwegian, [remember the two Smarties] His grandson Alan, became an apprentice carpenter with Oxley & Bennett. "Gibbo's was next to the bus office and sold many a "toothbrush" to the teenage lads of that time. LOL.

By Colin Brandon
On 10/02/2012

I used to go to the barber's in Elphick Road in the 50s and the 60s, Paul. I seem to remember, in the early days, there was a long seat for waiting customers shaped out of what seemed to be plywood with an intricate pattern of holes drilled in it. They used to leave imprints on my legs! I remember Dave in the 60s - not sure of his name though. Didn't someone called Dave Cocozza keep goal for Newhaven sometime in the 60s? I doubt it was him though.

By Doug Hall
On 10/02/2012

Yes I do remember the clippers pulling your hair! I also remember getting the smarties at Garys. When I started at Lewes Tech most of the other apprentices came from Seaford and they all had their hair cut by Tony Carolan, so I started going to him. He was pretty cool and used to have his E type Jaguar parked outside the shop, which impressed me no end.

By Terry Howard
On 10/02/2012

How many remember going to Jack Shinn's in the High Street for a hair cut, he had a lovely clock with westminster chimes in the hallway.

By William Still
On 11/02/2012

Yeah I remember his one cut and hand clippers, my 2 brothers, dad and me used to go there as my gran lived in 47 Chapel Street. used to find it amusing albiet sometimes painful. I actualy liked him.

By Ray Sexton
On 11/02/2012

If it was a "short back and sides" you wanted, and had plenty of spare time, then Del was your man. Most of our fathers went to him. didn't they? We were more aware of our hair in our teens. I went to Tony and had mine done and when I got home and my dad saw it, he said "I thought you were going for an haircut, get yourself down to Del White and get it cut properly".

By Colin Brandon
On 11/02/2012

I seem to remember a Mr. Wright as the hairdresser in Elphick Road. His wife used to perform chiropody in a curtained off section of the shop. Does anyone remember Sid Cloke, who had a barbers opposite Saxonholme, between the old Post Office and Willowhale dentists. Now there was a speedy barber. Dad called him the "Up & Over Kid". Like Colin, I remember those hand clippers pulling my hair out and the rumbling burps, followed by "Pardon, please." Scrupulously polite was Del. He also had an ornate glass walking stick on display. Happy, if painful, days.

By William Stovell
On 20/02/2012

Hi guys, I remember those hand shears well ! Del didn't cut hair he pulled it out ! I was born 1941 lived with my dear grandparents Mr and Mrs Walter at 15 First Avenue and was sent to the saturday morning Del White torture hour, he was renound for his fantastic costumes in the parades and pageants. It's amazing, I mentioned Del White for some reason to my wife yesterday wondered if I could find anything on the net and found this fabulous Newhaven site !. Anybody remember me ?  Tony.

By Anthony Walter
On 28/09/2012

My Dad always had his hair cut in Elphick Road, but I hated the barber there as he was very rough, this must have been in the late 50's. So I went to Del Whites. I loved the selection of comics available and sometimes I even let others go before me to read them all. The two Smarties were also a bonus.

By Ron Herriott
On 30/09/2012

Hi Tony, Remember you well, came to your house a time or two. Last I heard of you was you were a pretty good drummer. Remember you being a projectionist at Seaford cinema too. Get in touch mate. Look me up on Facebook.

By William Still
On 30/09/2012

Are you related to me Anthony?  My grandmothers sister, who lived in First Avenue, and who we knew as Aunt Ethel, had a son called Tony who was a drummer in the Army. Her Maiden name was Tobutt?.

By Terry Howard
On 01/10/2012

Just reading your piece again Tony and realized that Aunt Ethel was your grandmother not your mother. That answers a few questions. Would be good if we can get together.

By Terry Howard
On 01/11/2012

The lady on the right I believe is Dolly Collington who lived in Brighton Road.

By Jacqueline Patten
On 25/03/2013

Dave (David) Coozza, yes, that would be my dad. Yes, that was his hairdresser's, although I was too young to remember.  Sadly passed some years back.  Sorry about the clippers - but things have changed since then and I'm hoping you are getting a smoother cut, pain free.   

By Sharon Coozza
On 29/08/2014

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