1870 - 1895

By Laurie Stonehouse

Here are three puzzling pictures from the late Victorian era, the first photograph was taken around 1870 from Brighton Road and shows Newhaven. In the distance are the downs and the Mount with a glimpse of the Harbour, the row of houses to the left could be Elphick Road or Lewes Road, with the other buildings probably associated with the farms that surrounded Newhaven at this time. Wellcourt Farm, Webbers farm and Meeching Court Farm are the possible buildings in view. 

The second image shows a line of mature trees in Brighton Road, but nothing else in this picture indicates the exact location.

The third photograph is much clearer and was taken from the entrance of the High Street and shows Wellcourt Farm, now the site of the Job Centre and Dees. The section of flint wall to the left of this picture could be the wall that is seen in the top right side of the first image.

Photo:View from Brighton Road - c1870

View from Brighton Road - c1870

Old slide from H Hills collection

Photo:Mature trees? on the Brighton Road - 1890

Mature trees? on the Brighton Road - 1890

G Amy collection

Photo:Down into the High Street from Brighton Road - 1895

Down into the High Street from Brighton Road - 1895

G Amy collection

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