Newhaven Sussex

By Violet Hayne

Newhaven is my home town and I am looking forward to visiting in August 2013 when I am on holiday from Australia. Many happy memories.

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I was born in Elphick road July 1931, to my parents Lucy and Alec Apted! Both born in Newhaven as were my grandparents Charles and Kate Dunstall. I can trace the Dunstall family back to 15th century, all from Newhaven area, so hopefully there would be many Dunstalls still local?

I will be taking a very nostalgic trip down memory lane when visiting (from Australia) my home town this August (2013). Thoughts like 'are you still there Peter Bailey' at the museum? Is the museum still going?

Dare I face the NEW Newhaven? or will it spoil my memories? So many changes, even the Bridge' I knew no longer exists. Familiar places now gone! New places now emerging. I wonder! See you in August, Newhaven!

The Museum is still going strong, now located at Paradise Park on Avis Road. Peter Bailey is still the Curator. Pay it a visit during your visit! Andy-Editor.

By Violet Hayne
On 06/04/2013

Just to like say That I too was born in Newhaven in 1937, in Gibbon Road. Orphaned out aged 4 due to the War. I've lived in Australia since 1956. I have just a few scant memories - The Chalk Pits, the Jetty, My mum putting my shoes on whilst sitting on a kitchen table. So many thanks to you Violet, Have a wonderful holiday in Newhaven, Kind Regards, Mike.

By Michael Wilder
On 06/04/2013

How lovely to hear from you Mike. I had an aunty in Gibbon Road! Where are you in OZ? I am in Brisbane QLD. Yes as you say memories are sweet and I am looking forward to awakening many of MY Newhaven in August. Will take a lot of pics too, so keep watching! 

By Violet Hayne
On 12/04/2013

Can anyone recommend a good place for Bed and Breakfast in Newhaven please

There are several Voilet, do a web search and take your pick..

John - Editor

By Violet Hayne
On 12/04/2013

Hi Michael! Where are you in OZ? I am in Brisbane QLD. Anything I can get a pic of in Newhaven for you?

By Violet Hayne
On 12/04/2013

Is Peter Bailey still at the Museum? I and my mother (Frances Woolgar) were born in Newhaven...

I believe Peter is still connected to the Museum Virginia.  John -- Editor

Peter's not been in the best of health recently and I don't think he's been at the museum as much as he was. Andy, Editor

By Virginia Swan
On 13/07/2013

Hi Violet, I have just seen your post and I am the current owner of your birth home, you are very very welcome to come and visit the house when you are on your trip down memory lane. I hope this reaches you before you leave oz. Myself and my fiance do work but are around most evenings. Either drop me a letter with a contact number so we can arrange for you to come round or just knock. Would be lovely to get some history. Enjoy your trip and hopefully will get to meet you soon. Becky and Iain

By Becky Rollison
On 28/07/2013

What a lovely story and how nice of you Becky to give Violet such an opportunity to visit the home she was born in. I do hope she sees your comment and takes you up on the offer.

By Linda Dudeney
On 30/07/2013

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