By Shelly Canning

The first photograph was taken in 1965 and is of the 1st year, their teacher was Mr (Beanhead) Nixon.

The middle photo was taken in the library, the final picture shows the woodwork room in 1966.

Photo:Elaine Spencer , Rosalind Clarke , Rosemary Palethorpe . Shelly Harman

Elaine Spencer , Rosalind Clarke , Rosemary Palethorpe . Shelly Harman

Shelly Canning Collection

Photo:Steven Orpin , ? , Steven Folwell , Priscilla Burgoyne , Shelly Harman

Steven Orpin , ? , Steven Folwell , Priscilla Burgoyne , Shelly Harman

Shelly Canning Collection

Photo:Paul Teti , Laurie Harman

Paul Teti , Laurie Harman

Shelly Canning Collection

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A good friend of mine, Andre Havard ( who also was a TW pupil) came across this picture of me and forwarded it! Recall the English teacher was a Mr Fraser? a good humoured man who was somewhat brusque, but a great communicator. The library was for some reason used for many English lessons. My memories of TW are rather mixed, some decent teachers, Miss Groves, another English teacher, Taff Davies PE, Miss Butlin, History, very popular with the boys! A woodwork teacher who was a bully who used his hands to hit punch and slap, a gingerheaded man whose name escapes me, De Du Zepi, a great Art teacher and Rothwell who was head, a warm and dignified man. I left at age 14 when we moved to Hong Kong.

By Stephen Orpin
On 20/09/2013

I think the woodwork teacher's name may have been Welch

By Dave King
On 04/11/2013

De Du Zepi! Almost. Di Guiseppi - brilliant art teacher and the man responsible for the initial Tideway orange uniforms. Hugh (Jock) Fraser was my English teacher for all my years at Tideway and I think we all remember Taff Davies. The gingerheaded man? Peter Britten, the modern languages teacher perhaps? Nina Groves who is no longer with us, same for an increasing number of the staff from that time. Miss Butlin (now Sue Carnochan) is a regular contributor to this site with lots of photos of the County Secondary School and Tideway.

By Andy Gilbert
On 06/11/2013

Tideway 64-67, Thanks Dave. Indeed the woodwork teacher was Mr Welch, not a nice man, in my apinion. But the other teachers as listed above really were a credit to their profession. Nina Groves always gave inspiration, my love of books comes from her. Taff Davies ran some fun Dieppe camp holidays, my love of France stems from those early trips. Sue Butlin a tease, but got us really interested in History, Britten who had a reputation... though I never went to his classes. Mr Jones, music teacher who just could not cope and the female biology teacher who used to have a very short fuse! Name forgotten. And Mr Clarke a no nonsense guy, who all the boys respected.

By Stephen Orpin
On 22/11/2013

What memories, not all good ones.

Here are some teachers from 1964 to 1969 that I remember. Miss Porter, cookery, and another larger lady, they had adjoining classes and we used to hear her shouting, particularly at my mate who had put salt instead of sugar in her swiss roll.

Mr Higgs, Geography, does anyone remember the trip to Derbyshire 1967 I think where we stayed in various youth hostels,  shall never forget it!

Mr Britton, English, had us write an essay on a cup and saucer once. I believe he taught French as well.

Miss Cavadini, shorthand and typing, awful but taught me the basics, how I don't know as I used to bunk off twice a week at her class.

Mrs Cummings, PE teacher for the girls, the awful hockey pitch on the furthest field towards the cliff, the running over the Highway in the snow, delightful.

Miss Wheeler, deputy head who taught needlework, she once shredded a dress I had made, I never made another thing, she put me off for life.

Mr Fraser, English, he had a thing about Africa I believe which we managed to steer him onto many a time so the original lesson was forgotten.

Mr Jones, Music, who I remember running up the driveway yelling he couldn't cope. I believe my class was to blame for that.

I too remember Miss Groves,  Miss Butler [I think that's probably Miss Butlin? Andy-Editor], Taffy and Mr Clarke, Maths teacher.

Fellow classmates I can recall, Ronita Baker, Carole Kirkland, Eaine Howell, Corrine Wells, Marion Wells, Philip Amy, Alan Granger, Kevin Patching, Marilyn Gardner, Susan Prodger, Malcolm Green, Susan Withers, Marilyn Bell, Andrew Howell and 2 Brendas. 

There must be loads more but at my advanced age of nearly 61 I have forgotten them! My Grandfather had the shoe repair shop at the top of the High street until about 1970, opposite Williamsons the Hardware shop. I have to add such shame to see what the town became after the bypass was built, just a ghost town now, such pity, but it will always hold lovely memories for me during the 1960's.

What is happening re The Basin, does anyone know, again what a dismal place now to visit. February 2014.

By Teresa Mackintosh nee Hanaghan
On 23/02/2014

How amazing to find this site and read all those names and events from the past. 

I too remember our geograhy trip to Castleton in the Peak District, staying in an old Youth Hostel.  It made a lasting impression on me and have returned to the area a couple ot times since.

Teresa do you remember how we used to turn the waistbands over on our school skirts to make them more mini?  I also recall the awful grey skirts we had to wear for PE and those dreadful showers!

 Sadly I dont have any photos from that time, only one from my junior school days in Telscombe Cliffs.

By Ronita Graham (nee Baker)
On 23/06/2015

After all this time I stumble across this page..... I did wonder what happened to Stephen Orpin and others who just disappeared, I remember Priscilla in the photo whom I used to meet and live near before I moved away but never knew she was also at TW, I think I slept through most of my school days.

Mrs Coalman who also was teaching art. I remember how reserved I was with a smile as I accidently stabbed my thumb with my geometry compass so deep that I couldn't  pull it out, Mrs Coalman was busy chatting with Mrs deputy head so I just stood next to her waiting to be noticed, upon seeing me and interrupting their conversation I was sternly instructed to go away but when I held my thumb up their faces dramatically changed and I was ushered into the store room to extract the compass.

Poor Mr Jones, he loved his subject but unfortunately didn't stand a chance at TW.

Miss Butlin, yes I was awake during Biology.

Mr Clark with his arsenal of necessary weapons had to be respected.

I'm unable to remember who the metalwork teacher was, he seemed to let me make whatever I wanted, so I'm grateful for that start in my life.

Remembering: Christine Beardsworth, Peter Turner, the two Kingshot brothers, Robin Lampon? Robert Welch, Clifford Evans, Robert Thompson, Robert Breeds, Margaret Goad and her best friends name might come to mind if I'm given more time.

By Barry Routledge (Master Silversmith).
On 18/03/2021

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