Saunders ( can't read his first name )

By Colin Holden

He played for Sunderland Football Club in the 1930`s.

Photo:A schoolfriend of my late father in law Jim Strudwick who played for Sunderland Football Club circa 1930s

A schoolfriend of my late father in law Jim Strudwick who played for Sunderland Football Club circa 1930s

Jim Strudwick.

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This is a photo of Percy Saunders who was 1 of 3 brothers . The others being Richard (Dick) and Charlie.  They originated from Denton Island. All of them played football for Newhaven, as did Dick's son Bruce until breaking a leg in a match (at Chichester I think) in about 1951/2. I was at the match that day. He never played again. I have great memories of Newhaven often staying at Saxon Road with my auntie Elsie (Staniforth) and Dick.

By Graham Moore
On 18/01/2013

Hi, this is my grandad! Do you know what happened to his brothers, Percy died in the war. I'd love to try and find my relatives on his side. thanks Amanda

By Amanda Holt
On 30/07/2013

Hi Amanda. Please get in touch.

Percy also had at least 2 sisters (Kit -- or Kate - and Bet). I remember Bet who was about my mother's age. About 1950 she lived at Upper Dicker (near Hailsham) and would often cycle to East Hoathly to help my parents in their pub. She died in the 1960's I think. Dick married Elsie Staniforth, also from Denton Island, and they lived in Saxon Road for many years before moving to Rose Walk Close. Dick was a coal merchant for a number of years before working at the Parker Pen factory. They had a son called Bruce who was a teacher at Newhaven Secondary School. Charlie was married to Ethel and they lived in Lewes Road, had 2 sons, Rex & David. Char worked for Wheatleys scrap metal merchants. Sadly they have all passed away now.

By Graham Moore
On 15/09/2013

Hi Amanda - Percy was married to my mum's cousin, Vera, from Sunderland. My maternal aunt is still alive and remembers Percy encouraging her to draw her hand rather than just draw round it - apparently he was something of an artist. She does have fond memories of him. We must be distantly related!

By Margaret Keehner
On 19/10/2013

Hi Margaret Yes you are correct. Percy was an accomplished artist. I remember a pen & ink sketch drawn by him of the Flying Fish Denton hanging on the wall in my Auntie Elsie's bungalow at Rose Walk Close. I do not know what happened to it following her death. It may have gone to her son Bruce. I will try to find out

By graham Moore
On 20/10/2013

Hi Amanda, Charlie was my grandad he sadly passed away March 2000. Graham is right Percy was a great artist. There is a picture done in ink of a shipyard I guess in Sunderland? I love it. I've also been told he was a very good cricketer and a bit of a musician. It seems he had the talent and the looks for the whole family. I would have loved to have met him, his 2 older brothers were great guys, sadly missed. I would really appreciate any information on Percy's wife, and where they lived etc. I'm David's son by the way.

By Dale Saunders
On 17/11/2013

Thanks to you all. I'm so thrilled to get these responses. Anyone wanting to email me can contact me on [email address removed]. Graham if you could find out about the picture that would be wonderful. Percy was indeed very accomplished in drawing, poetry and on the piano. Margaret, Vera was my beloved gran, she only passed on last year. I still miss her loads. Dale, I guess we are cousins. As I mentioned Vera has passed on, they had one child together, my mother Pamela. Sadly Pamela died in her 20's but not before she'd had me and my sister Stephanie. Stephanie has 3 boys, one of which has a son and I have one daughter who will be 22 this week. Anyone wanting more information, please e mail me direct. Many thanks

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By Amanda Holt
On 20/12/2013

Amanda, I don't know how to contact you.? I could have some news on the picture history.

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John  --  Editor

By Dale Saunders
On 24/12/2013

Hi Editor John Please can you send me Dale's e mail address Thanks. Amanda


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By Amanda Holt
On 28/12/2013

Hi John - could you send me Amanda's email as I have done quite a bit of family history and she might be interested in it. Thanks.


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By Margaret Keehner
On 01/01/2014


Brentford FC are coming to the end of producing a 125 years of history book. In the book we've named the players, & ex players, who lost their lives in WW1 and WW2. Percy Saunders was, sadly, one of the two Brentford players who made the ultimate sacrifice and lost his life. Percy signed for Brentford FC in 1939 and joined up nearly straight away once war was declared. Percy lost his life at sea, after being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, (I-59),  whilst aboard SS Rooseboom, after being evacuated, off Singapore. He only played 2 games for the bees in 1939/40.


The reason for this message is, would it be possible to have a scan of the photograph in this thread?   

many thanks.

By Paul Briers
On 02/10/2014

Interesting to read these letters .

I have just bought a page of Sunderland autographs from 1936 and Percys signature is among them.


By Tony Scarr
On 16/03/2018

Could you please send my email address to Amanda?

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By Steve Saunders
On 11/04/2018

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