By Marilyn Nolan

My husband's maternal grandfather, George Alce Foord (1874-1949), was the stationmaster at Tidemills Station.  He lived with his wife and children in the Stationmaster's cottage next to the stables where he tended the horses who pulled the carriages. He was married to Mary-Ann Pelham and they had 5 children.  My husband's mother was Hilda Foord.

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I am interested to know what kind of carriages the horses pulled, were they Railway Carriages?

By Richard Beckett
On 12/05/2008

I have asked my husband and he tells me that they were railway carriages which the horses pulled.

By Marilyn Nolan
On 26/05/2008

The photo is taken in the yard/garden of the cottage next to the crossing. We (Sussex Archaelogical Society) are currently excavating and recording it. The metal bar wall tie by his left shoulder was ripped out during the winter, the gravel path has just come to light. Come and visit us any Thursday (weather permitting) and have a look/ chat/ get involved. Pete

By Pete Mason
On 01/06/2008

Thanks for that Pete, would love to. I will ask my husband if he remembers anything more about his grandad living in the cottage from when he was a boy.

By Marilyn Nolan
On 07/06/2008

I am trying to find out about my ancestors who lived and worked at Tide Mills in the 1860s - 1880s approx their surname was either Gates or Chamberlain's do you have any information on them please email me thanks Karen

( anyone with any information please post a comment here and the Editors will forward Karen's email details on to you )


By Karen Potts
On 30/08/2014

Karen could ask Kevin Gordon of Seaford Martello Tower Museum as he does guided tours of Tide Mills.

By Brenda Hall
On 09/09/2014

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