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Family research for Harry (Henry) Breeds

By Roy Miller on 19/03/2020 at 01:21

Hi everyone, I am researching my family history and come up with a puzzle. It concerns Harry (Henry) Breeds, a picture of him is on the Colgate and Gray section. My mother is insistent that we, as a family, went to visit him at his home in 1962, however, the General Register Office records his death in 1956, I wonder, does anyone recollect an approximate year of his passing, and whether or not he was cremated or buried, so I can cross-reference their records.

From the visit that I can remember, the home was next to the recreation ground. An old gentleman who lived there, used an ear trumpet, it is the only one that I have seen used in my lifetime. My mother insists vehemently, that this was her great-grandfather, Harry Breeds (my great-great grandfather) and the purpose of the visit was to partake in the rarity of being able to see a great, great grandparent for us 3 boys. Now, if the user of the ear trumpet was actually Harry Breeds, then the official record of the year of his death must be erroneous, as I would have only been one year old, and would not have remembered the ear trumpet. So can anyone throw a light on this puzzle, of the year of his death, and whether not he was buried or cremated, and where.

Thanks in advance.

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