Blue Star Garage

By John Hills

This is a picture of the " Blue Star " garage at Denton corner in the mid 1960's, petrol then would have been about 20p a gallon 4.5p a litre!

Looks like the sparks are doing the final connections to the garage forecourt lighting...

Frosts car sales are on this site today....

Left to right:- :-  ? ; John Hills ; Ken Fry ; ? ; Harold Hills.

Photo:Forecourt lighting

Forecourt lighting

Photo:1990 - Look at the price of petrol!!

1990 - Look at the price of petrol!!

Photo:Garage 2008

Garage 2008

This page was added by John Hills on 31/12/2007.
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When I began driving in 1964 I used to fill up at the Blue Star garage and 3 gallons of four star petrol cost me £1 (i.e. 6s/8d a gallon)

By Richard Beckett
On 03/01/2008

Thank you Richard , glad someone is paying attention...

By John Hills
On 05/01/2008

I have added an even earlier picture of the Oriel cafe & garage which was on the site previous to the Blue star garage. See my pictures on "Some old some not so old"

By Richard Beckett
On 24/01/2008

I remember the Blue Star garage. Fred Rayner used to work in there selling the petrol. I remember filling up my Green Mini van in the mid 60s for 6 shillings.  How times have changed.

By Ted Cairns
On 25/06/2008

When the old Blue Star garage was taken down I brought all the R.S.J's so that I could erect a building on land somewhere else.  I never got around to putting the building back up.

My recollection is that I paid around £60 for the whole thing but hey guess what I have just put all those R.S.J's in the scrap iron.
And what an investment. it made a lot more than what I paid for it.
(That's what I call recycling).

By Robert Horscraft
On 25/06/2008

Re: Ted Cairns. Would you be the same Ted Cairns that worked at the Carriage & Wagon back in the 50's?  If so would like to make contact with you...

By Jim Still
On 16/07/2008

I would come home from college at weekends and every Sunday evening I would go the Blue Star garage to put petrol in my Mini . In the early 70's they installed an automatic machine that took fifty pence pieces. I discovered a way of jiggling the turn wheel to get an extra couple of lots of fuel out.  I made the mistake of telling my mother who, being the honest sort that she is, went down and told the owner of the fault, there ended my free fuel .

By Dave
On 27/07/2008

I too used to get petrol from the Blue Star garage; I can remember it being 5 shillings a gallon and a pound used to nealry fill up my mini van. I bought an Austin Healy frog eye from the garage next door for 195 pounds in the mid sixties. A couple of years later I part exchanged it for a Cortina from the garage at the other end of the Drove. Wish I had kept the frog eye, they sell now for upward of 10,000 pounds.

By Terry Howard
On 31/01/2011

I used to work for Blue Star back in 1965/1966, I was in 152 Branch, Chalk Farm, London.


By Jim Mullen
On 08/01/2015

I know this is an old post about Blue Star garage so maybe no one can help.  I am trying to find a chap that worked with my mum Kathy Peacock and her friend Betty Ralphs who I think worked at the garage, looking for a chap who someone that knows of him - think his name was John/Jack Lloyd or  Worrall and he may have been a mechanic if any bells  ring  please help me.

By Susan Peacock
On 25/09/2019

Dear Editor

Any chance you could send my comments onto to the people who put posts on in case they can help me and they don't see my comment?  Ted Cairns / Richard Becket etc and anyone else as really struggling to track down this chap and would mean a lot to me if I could find him or any of his family members.

No problem Susan it is part of the service. (I am in the top picture 2nd from left... slightly younger then!).

John  --  Editor


By Susan Peacock
On 25/09/2019

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