Part of management Team mid 1970's

By Mike Brazier

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEW MACHINERY FOR PARKER PEN' page

One of my Daughters sent me a link to the wonderful "Our Newhaven" site,  which I have now spent many hours surfing the "Parker People" entries;   seeing and reading about all my old friends & colleagues.

I wonder how many people remember Mike Brazier?  I left in 1980 after 13 of the most enjoyable years of my whole life. My three Daughters,  Deborah,  Nicola,  and Mary, still talk affectionately about the fabulous Christmas parties and later working in the Assembly Department during their vacation times.

I have attached a photograph of a very significant event in the Companies history which I guess was around the mid 70's. The "Bruderer Press" was a huge investment which would make the famous "Arrow Clip" in one continuous operation;  previously requiring some twenty or so, separate operations.

The "Smiling" management team from left to right were Bert Dyble, Paul Osbourne,Stan Dovey, Malcolm Troak and Mike Brazier (what about those flairs??)

I would love to hear from anyone remembering those glorious days  

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