Sussex Express Article - January 2013

By Carol Walton

This month’s picture shows the old Police Station in Dacre Road which was demolished around 1970 when the road was changed to the new one-way system.  The first Police Sergeant was a Robert Renville who joined the police force at the age of 21 and became sergeant at Newhaven in the 1880’s. Sergeant Renville retired on a pension of £100 per annum.

A building of character which was demolished to make way for a concrete multi-storey car park!

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'POLICE STATION' page
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I worked as a GPO telephonist in the local exchange and one my jobs was to test the telephone lines to the police station at 8am each morning and the duty police officer used to say"give me a few minutes duck before you test the fire telephone" It was in the next room to the one that held the police line. It took a few minutes to get there. This was in the middle to late 1960's and the exchange was a manual exchange and only the operators had dials to their switchboards. What would the younger generation do to day.  

By Shirley Harrop nee Clear
On 01/01/2015

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