A day trip to Dieppe in 1971

By Stephen Morris

A day trip to Dieppe in 1971 on the Valencay, and requested a visit to the bridge!

Privileged to stay on the bridge for the entry to Dieppe harbour, and coming alongside before going astern on to the loading ramp.

Photo:Valencay at the familiar loading ramp

Valencay at the familiar loading ramp

Photo:Passing Falaise mid-channel

Passing Falaise mid-channel

Photo:Bridge scene approaching Dieppe. Does anyone recognise the captain reading his reports mid-channel?

Bridge scene approaching Dieppe. Does anyone recognise the captain reading his reports mid-channel?

Photo:Entering Dieppe harbour

Entering Dieppe harbour

Photo:Loading ramp at Dieppe

Loading ramp at Dieppe

This page was added by Stephen Morris on 15/04/2016.
Comments about this page

That brings back a few memories for me. My Dad would always seek out the Purser and tell them who he was. We were usually on the bridge soon after than as guests of the Commandant for that trip.

We usually did this on the way over to Dieppe, and would spend the return journey on deck or having a meal. I'm sure I must have spotted Falaise in mid channel at some point, but I do remember that the V twins would often pass each other somewhat closer than Valencay is passing Falaise in your photo.

That entry into Dieppe harbour was always a high point, and being on the main street a few minutes after stepping on shore was always better than it is now, with the ferry terminal way out in the 'sticks'.

By Andy Gilbert
On 22/04/2016

While going back over some of the ferry pages, I remembered an incident that happened on my very first trip over to Dieppe on one of the 'V twins'. We were on the bridge when there was a flurry of activity, the ship suddenly altered course and soon came to an emergency stop.

Someone had spotted what looked like a liferaft in the distance and of course that had to be investigated. It turned out to be a bright red and yellow child's inflatable beach dinghy that had been swept out to sea, thankfully with no-one in it. With the panic over, the dinghy was brought aboard to prevent further sightings and we were soon on our way.

My other memory of that day was that the sea was like glass, no swell and not a breath of wind - not like some of my other crossings!

By Andy Gilbert
On 25/01/2017

I have to agree wholeheartedly how much nicer it was getting off the ferry in Dieppe and being in the main street in the earlier days, lovely atmosphere. My Mother, being French, we used to go over often, especially during summer holidays. Also, my Dad, Arthur Kennard, was on those ferries for 53 year, so he was well known in Dieppe. People in apartments opposite the terminal used to call out to him, as he was on the stern, when it was docking.  Happy times. I agree, where they dock now, is so out of the way, without the excitement of being right where you can enjoy the town. Shame.

By Jacqueline Patten (Canada)
On 26/01/2017

Hi Jacgueline

I remember your Dad Arthur and yourself. I was a good friend with your  late sister Evelyn. In case you haven't seen the Item Dance Class there is a nice photo of her and myself at a dance show.

Carole Knott nee Wilkinson.


By Carole Knott
On 30/01/2017

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