Pictures from Horscraft Family Album & "Pony" Eager

By Robert Horscraft

Pictures 1 - 6 from the Horscraft family archives as described by Robert Horscraft:-

Pictures 7, 8 & 9 from "Pony" Eager

1.  A picture of the Horscraft & Sons a family greengrocers shop at 20 South Road, which was established in 1930.

The Horscraft family have run many businesses in the town, along with the greengrocers shop the family also had a Hairdressers, Horace's Fish Shop, in Chapel Street and Horace's Taxi's which were the first taxi service to use radio controlled vehicles in the town.

Robert Horscraft still keeps the family business tradition going today with his car repair business in Railway Road.

2.  Horscraft triplets born 17th January 1929 at Convent Cottages, Newhaven.

Rupert B. Horscraft   ( My father )

Horace J. Horscraft

Teresa D. Horscraft

3.  Arthur Horscraft with son Horace Horscraft pictured outside of "Barts Cottage", this property was situated on the main road to Brighton on the western outskirts of Newhaven.

4.  Max Leon Horscraft in his open top Austin car outside "Barts Cottage"

5.  My grandfather Arthur Horscraft at the rear of "Barts Cottage" with the family dog Nellie and her puppies.

6.  One of Horace's taxi fleet a mark 3 Ford Zodiac pictured at "Elms Lodge" Denton Drive, Denton where Horace built his home on family land. Looks like this car might need a little repair to the front end !

Photo:1. Horscraft & Sons Greengrocers

1. Horscraft & Sons Greengrocers

Horscraft private collection

Photo:2. Horscraft triplets

2. Horscraft triplets

Horscraft private collection

Photo:3. Arthur and Horace Horscraft

3. Arthur and Horace Horscraft

Horscraft private collection

Photo:4. Max Horscraft in his Austin

4. Max Horscraft in his Austin

Horscraft private collection

Photo:5. Arthur Horscraft

5. Arthur Horscraft

Horscraft private collection

Photo:6. Horace's Taxi

6. Horace's Taxi

Horscraft private collection

Photo:Rupert & Vivien Horscraft and "Pony" Eager

Rupert & Vivien Horscraft and "Pony" Eager

Pony Eager

Photo:Rupert & Vivien Horscraft, but who are the others?

Rupert & Vivien Horscraft, but who are the others?

Pony Eager

Photo:Rupert & Vivien Horscraft and "Pony" Eager

Rupert & Vivien Horscraft and "Pony" Eager

Pony Eager

This page was added by John Hills on 27/09/2008.
Comments about this page

Its great to see these pictures. I virtually grew up with the Horscraft family. In fact I was born in their house in South Road.
I well remember Horace, Rupert and Vivian also Theresa, who in fact I am told taught me to walk as a baby.

I worked as a child on Saturdays and School holidays with Theresa on their mobile shop which was a converted Bedford OB coach. The car pictured with the accident damage was repaired at Newhaven coach works. At that time Raymond, Rupert's oldest son worked there.
At one time we lived at the rear of their South Road shop.
Its good to see these pictures of what must be the best known family in town.
There must be hundreds more family photographs out there, keep them coming.

By William Still
On 28/09/2008

The last picture of the taxi with front end damage -I was driving it at the time. I was just about to drive up into Elm Lodge off the Denton Road when a motorbike came round the bend with nowhere to go except up and over the top via the bonnet. An unfortunate set of circumstances that led to a court appearance for driving without due care and attention. It was thrown out of court for lack of proof of the charge. I wonder if the poor motorcyclist is still around, I can't remember his name. I actually ended up taking him through to the Sussex County Hospital in the same taxi. I think that that junction is probably just as dangerous today - I must go have a look.

Thanks for sharing this piece of history Jim - any idea of what year that would be? Jackie - Editor

By Jim Still
On 02/10/2008

Re: Jim's photo of damaged taxi. I remember the incident well, the motorcyclist was Alan Riggs on his recently rebuilt Matchless 350. We worked together at A&M Fells factory in the old Hatchery. We had been working overtime and he had left for home to watch "Steptoe & Son".

By Martin Aldridge
On 05/10/2008

Thats the chap Martin, at the time he lived in the convent flats on Church Hill. I felt so sorry for him that day, perhaps you can remember the year, I'm only guessing at about 1964. Do you know if he is still around. Thanks for your input Martin. Cheers.

By Jim Still
On 10/10/2008

Jim, I reckon the accident you had with Alan was around 1966-68 though cán't be certain. Haven't seen him for 20+ years as I now live in South Africa.
Regards Martin

By Martin Aldridge
On 02/11/2008

Horace ran the taxi firm for the most part from his bungalow at the bottom of Denton Drive.  The junction with Denton Road is still a nightmare; as it was then.  I lived at the top of Denton Drive during my early years, I even went to work for Horace answering the phone calls and directing the taxis for a short while from his office in the town.

By Nick Baxter
On 06/11/2008

The Horscraft family bring back many fond memories to my family. I lived with my mother at the end of the war in South Road. Old Mrs Horscraft played the piano at Sunday School, Methodist Church, in Chapel Street. She made an imposing sight- a very large lady with a huge fancy hat on her head. Horace's taxis was the firm I used for my wedding in 1961. My brother Mick went to live in the same flat when he was first married approx. 39 yrs ago.

By Carol Bagnall (nee Easton)
On 07/02/2009

Can anyone else remember when Horace played Norman Wisdom in one of the carnivals in the late 50`s or very early 60`s?

By Ray Sexton
On 28/06/2009

I remember Horace very when he did a lot of shows at the Christ Church Hall in South road. I was a member of the Boys Club and we did a lot of shows with him and his gang of entertainers.

By Terry Nunn
On 05/09/2009

I well remember Horace taking off Norman Wisdom in the carnivals. Also the amateur dramatics, as my brother John was a great friend of his. Vivien & I were in the same class & great friends. Does anyone know of her whereabouts as we lost touch soon after leaving school.

By Kathleen Goff (Ingram)
On 01/01/2010

I remember Horace well. He gave me a good piece of advice once when I was looking for a new car, saying don't buy new, let someone else pay the purchase tax. Good advice at the time, he was a great chap.

By Terry Howard
On 23/02/2010

I also worked for Horace and Theresa on their veg round which took in Mount Pleasant. Weighing out potatoes when I was just 8 years old. Many years later I went on to drive one of Horace's taxis. Good old days remembered with great fondness.

By Colin Brandon
On 30/04/2010

I lived in Hillcrest Road for years with my parents Nan and Harry Parker, and Horace was known to me most of my life. He used to sing "Saleeeee...pride of the alley". I previously lived in New Road and then Gibbon Road.  I worked with a Horsecraft at Currys in Lewes for a while - very funny man...with Horace's sense of humour. Would love to hear back.

By Mike Parker
On 24/05/2010

Not only did Horace drive us to church in his taxi on our wedding day, he also took our wedding photos (with our camera). I also helped out in the shop, loaded the van up Saturday mornings, and then went on the round with Theresa. My pay was 2/6d and a packet of Royal Scot biscuits!

By Terry Walton
On 21/06/2010

Hello all.

Nice to have you 'on board' Ben. Have you any information that can help complete the Horscraft family story? Andy, Editor.

By Ben Horscraft
On 22/08/2010

Well its nice to see some old pictures of the family that I have never seen... Uncle Robert please post some more as they are interesting....and a part of Newhaven's history

By John Horscraft
On 28/01/2011

Hi,  don't know if I am related but my Dad was Reginald Horscraft born in 1918 in Hackney, London.

By Terry Horscraft
On 18/03/2011

My Grandad was Harry Horscraft and my Nan was Gladys Horscraft

By Brenda Horscraft - Fisher
On 02/08/2011

I am trying to establish whether my Uncle Max L Horsecraft is part of your family. My father, Morris Smith, had a sister Lorna who married Max Horscraft who was a brilliant aircraft engineer and died at Thornlie, Western Australia. He was a great friend as well as relative. Aunt Lorna visited me in Staffordshire some years ago but we have lost contact. If this is of interest, and we are related, please contact via email. John M Smith

NOTE from editors. We do not publish e-mail addresses so if you do wish to respond, please contact the editors for his address.

By John M Smith
On 05/10/2011

Max Leon Horscraft was my uncle too. I note your interest John M Smith and would like to make contact with you. My father Rupert Benjamin Horscraft is still going strong and was one of Max's younger brothers. He is the only surviving one of that generation left.

By Robert Horscraft
On 15/10/2011

Hello I'm looking up my family history and was very suprised to see all the comments. I am trying to reseach my family tree but there are so many of us. My grandad was Ivan Horscraft who was Horace's brother. I came across a family video of Ivan's wedding today which also has Horace showing off his taxi. Granny Win, her husband, Stephen as a baby and Rupert Horscraft.

By Katie Horscraft
On 06/12/2011

When I was in the Newhaven ATC, one of the Horsecraft brothers was in the Royal Aux Air Force, and on serveral occasions in the late forties he would take two cadets in his car up to Rochester airport for flights in Tiger Moths. I remember once we flew down over Newhaven and on the way back lost our way, until we found a railway line to navigate back by. We just got back to the disposal point when the engine stopped, I didn't know this until the refueling chap went bonkers because the tank was empty. Result, a black mark in the pilots log book. Lovely family specially Horace. 

By Dave Brady
On 13/04/2012

Amazing finding your wonderful Newhaven site ! My second contribution - Horace H was of course Newhavens show bizz personality, his Salleeee was world known (in Newhaven). I did sketches with him at small shows (should have warned me already then to get out of show bizz) lol, but he was a very generous guy who sang Salleeee for pensioners homes all over Sussex giving great pleasure to all. I remember he entered a big talent show in Brighton for TV, was it Hughie Green maybe?. He even drove the H craft bus which delivered shopping to your door, I thought it was great fun to sit with him driving around, must have been 13-14? Yea Horace was a larger than life character bless him, thank you so much for the memory's, I remember his mum too, God what a trip down memory lane ! I'll never forget them hugs to all. Tony Walter.

By Anthony Walter
On 01/10/2012

I remember Horace appearing on a television programme, it was shown on a Boxing day in about 1954 or 1955.  In 1964 he drove the taxi when I married my wife Brenda and the South Road shop I remember very well as I worked in the dry cleaners in the same road and often brought vegetables for my mother in there.

By David Carter
On 16/11/2012

The younger man in the photo with the gypsy caravan is Andy Horsecraft ! This photo was taken at the bottom of Valley Road, where Viv had a yard ...(now built on ).

By Lyndy Loo
On 06/01/2013

Remember Horace well, I was in the same class at school with him, he always seem to be in trouble with the teachers, could never stop laughing and joking, what a character, lovely chap.

By Johnny Snow
On 01/02/2013

I remember the chap with the glasses sitting at the front of the caravan. His surname was Dennis and he worked for Southern Water at Poverty Bottom. He used to do a bit of 'ducking and diving' with Viv Horsecraft. I spent many a fun time in the Denton yard messing about with the old cars in my school uniform after school. My mum was not amused!

By B. Greenfield
On 06/04/2013

Man on the left in the gypsy caravan is my dad Mick Baker by the looks of it! I've just shown my daughter and we both had a good laugh!! Alot of memories from the farm down Valley Road, used to go there all the time with my dad, great memories!!

By Nicola Sole
On 19/04/2013

My mum and dad lived in Newhaven for most of their lives - Hazel and Wilf Hills.  My gran, Daisy Richardson, lived with them for too many years.  Daisy would often hire Horace to take her in his taxi for a tour of the countryside.  She would sit in the taxi as though she was the Queen being driven down the Mall.  


On one occasion, Daisy hired Horace to take the whole family to London for the day.  That would have been in the late 1950s/early 1960s.  What a day that was and Horace was as entertaining as he ever was.  Wonderful memories.


I also remember Horace having a couple of donkeys called Jenny and Nicky I think.


Yes, we also enjoyed his fish and chips and I have also seen his performances in the Christ Church Hall.  I remember one well when Horace sang a two part song acting as first the man and then the woman and singing in a very high voice.  We loved it all.  


Does anybody remember Barbara Lynch who used to put on shows with the local children.  My friend was in those and how I envied her.  I went to Jean Cantell's Ballet Dancing School and it was so much more serious than greasepaint and taffeta dresses.  I did enjoy my ballet and went for quite a few years.


I hope this brings forth some more memories.  I would love to read them.

By Marie Harvey (nee Hills)
On 22/09/2014

I remember Horace, Viv and Andy Horsecraft. My parents bought me a horse from Andy and I kept it for years at Viv´s stables. I remember that Horace had a son, who was a savant and I believe read and remembered the Newhaven area telephone book. Most of all I remember Viv and how he let my brother myself and a few friends do just about what ever we wanted at his stables. We treated the place and all of the animals that Viv had there as if they were ours. Viv was a jolly and funny man. It is great to see some pictures of him after so , so long. I probably last saw him 35 years ago. Some of the best days of my life were spent at the stables along the end of valley road.

By Dave Robbins
On 18/03/2015

My grandfather was Maxwell Leon Horscraft. I currently live in Australia, but I will be in UK sometime this year, would love to catch up with list relativesz

By Suravi Coletti
On 05/03/2024

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