1920, 1980, 2007

Photo:Bridge Street, 1920s

Bridge Street, 1920s

Photo:Bridge Street, 1980s

Bridge Street, 1980s

Photo:Bridge Street 2007

Bridge Street 2007

Photo taken by Sylvia Woolford

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When I was a child I thought it was fascinating when my mum took us in the Co-op store (where the Social Club is now) and when she paid for anything the money was put in a pod, clipped to a high wire and sent round the store on a line to the cash office where the cashier used to put the receipt and change in the pod and send it back to the counter! I also remember 'Gibbies' the chemist and Seniors the sweet shop (though I think that may have been in the High Street)

Marilyn Nolan

Gibsons chemist was in Bridge Street but Seniors sweet shop was in the High Street (I lived above it when I got married) - Carol - Editor

By Marilyn Nolan
On 23/04/2008

I remember waiting for a pale green & yellow Double decker Bus outside there office up on the right side just before the new flats. I also remember wandering around the old RNVR battery (my dad was staff with the seacadets) and 'playing' on the gun turrets and anti aircraft guns that were inside the drill hall, and later dragging the whalers and various rowing boats up the ramp and out the back doors and then down the riverbank into the cut by Denton Island.  That was before North Way was ever thought of!

By Rob Patten
On 03/05/2008

Marilyn, hopefully the system you refer to will be up and running in the museum!! It is called a Lamson Rapid Wire Cash Railway. The terminals (propulsions) are nearly finshed and I have just got to get some work done on the car (bit that flew along) . If anybody can help with turning a couple of small brass wheels and a small brazing repair .(or if you have any bits hidden away!!) please contact me via the museum. Pete

By Pete Mason
On 28/07/2008

The Lamson cash railway is now up and running in the museum, thanks to the Fleur de Lis Centre in Faversham who have a HUGE selection of spare parts. Come in and try it!! The nostalgic whizz clunk.

By Pete
On 10/10/2008

The sad thing is I can still remember my mums Co-op number I guess its having an accountant for a dad.


My mums was 51614 !!-- John ( Editor )

By Terry Howard
On 26/02/2010

The middle picture - 1980s - can be dated to 1978-1983; the Co-op was modernised with the grey facia and blue sign in 1978 and closed in 1984.

By Mike Hedgethorne
On 04/07/2020

Is was funny to read about the Coop number - still remember my mums from the early 50s = 15642 :-)

By Bill Simmons
On 05/07/2020

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