Photo:Meeching in full flight.

Meeching in full flight.

Painting by Andy Gilbert

Photo:Andy Gilbert presents the book to Museum curator Peter Bailey.

Andy Gilbert presents the book to Museum curator Peter Bailey.

Andy Gilbert

Photo:You know where to come!

You know where to come!

Andy Gilbert

A life history in words and photos at the Newhaven Museum

By Andy Gilbert

I have finally finished my life history of the Newhaven tug Meeching and it has now been presented to Newhaven Museum for display.

In 40 pages, it tells the story of her design, launch, her work in and around the harbour, and some of her crew members. It also details some of the more exciting exploits she has had in her nearly 50 years. There are many photos of her from 1960 through to 2008, and even some of her near sisters and cousins that came from the same 'mould', working as far afield as Australia and Canada.

I am now preparing a longer, electronic version of the book, with many more photos of Meeching at various points in her career. It will be in Adobe pdf format, for easy reading on any computer, and it is proposed that this will be sold on CD-ROM at the Museum.

Another good reason (if one were ever needed) to pay a visit!

Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 23/01/2009.
Comments about this page

My Grandfather was Captain Fred Holden who was the Captain of the Foremost 22 and also the Meeching. It was lovely to see the bits about the Meeching, where can we get your book Andy.

By jean bickerstaff
On 30/01/2009

The Meeching life history book is permanently on display at the Museum, Jean.

As soon as I've finished the extended pdf version of the book, it will be available at the Museum on CD. A printed version of the book is also a possibility, with all profits from both versions going to the Museum.

I'll put a post on here when it's done.

By Andy Gilbert
On 31/01/2009


On 01/02/2009

I have one page which is in the book, but if you have some more I'd definitely like to include them in the extended version. Thanks. You can find contact details for me on my website, www.andrew-gilbert.com

By Andy Gilbert
On 05/02/2009

You may be interested in some images of Meeching in Oare Creek taken yesterday (28th February 2009):- http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/Photoblog_20090228_Faversham.html#anchor22000

By Ian Boyle
On 02/03/2009

I assume you have seen the Sealink News about the Mighty Meeching & her Crew?

By Christopher
On 16/04/2009

I have indeed Christopher! My Dad's copy went missing many years ago, but I've been sent the relevant pages by a fellow Meeching fan.

By Andy Gilbert
On 04/05/2009

Glad to see that you did receive the attachment that I sent to info@ournewhaven.org.uk on 17th April, as I could not do so when I left the above message, about the mighty Meeching.

By Christopher Conn
On 17/05/2009

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