1928 / 1971 / 2009

By Laurie Stonehouse

The first photograph shows the original International Stores situated at No 25 the High Street.  Marmite seems to be the order of the day along with Cambells Continental Soup and Skippers, what were these?   Note the doorway mosaic with the words "International Stores", the fourth picture shows what this mosaic would have looked like if it had survived.   The former Freeman Hardy Willis shoe shop just a few doors up still retains the letters F.H & W in the open porch, a fine piece of work.  The third photograph would have been taken in 1971/2 and depicts the nearly completed new premises for the International Stores, in this picture you can still observe this store occupying the Boots site at No 25, I have included a recent photo of Boots to show how the frontage has changed, does anyone know when this happened and have I dated the first picture correctly?

Photo:International Stores - C1928

International Stores - C1928

Private Collection of N Honeyball

Photo:Boots - 2009

Boots - 2009

L J Stonehouse

Photo:High Street (New site for International Stores) - C1971

High Street (New site for International Stores) - C1971

Kind Permission of K Lynch

Photo:Freeman Hardy Willis porch - 2008

Freeman Hardy Willis porch - 2008

L J Stonehouse

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Thanks for posting these! I worked at the International Stores from about 1968 to 1973 as a Saturday and summer holiday job whilst at school. I was ther during the changeover to decimal coinage and remember long hours one weekend wiping off all the prices of the tins with meths and then stamping the new prices on.

By Alan Terrill
On 09/01/2010

My dad had a DIY shop next to the International and my mum & sister worked in International, Newhaven used to be a thriving town until the one way system was built, my dad also lost his other shop then as the road went straight over it ! I am still proud of being a Newhavener born & bred.....

By Trevor Tucker
On 11/01/2014

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