A long-gone hairdressing business

By Brian Urry

This is a card from Jennifer Ann Hair Fashions, another business that's long gone from the High Street. Does anyone recall it? Did you have you have your hair done there or remember any of the staff?

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Jennifer's surname was Langridge. Her mother and my mother worked together at Parker Pen for a few years in the ledger department. Both my mother and I had our hair done at Jennifer Ann's for some time.

By jean bannister
On 14/11/2009

I had a shampoo and set (now known as a cut and blow dry) on the morning of my wedding in July 1968 at Jennifer Ann's as I am sure many people my age did. Sue Bingham worked there so did Joan Smith - Happy days

By Lyn Preece
On 19/02/2011

I went to school with Jennifer in Lewes and we became good friends! That was all a long time ago ! Those were the days ! Ginny Miller ( nee Sweatman )

By Virginia Miller
On 26/10/2011

Hi. Joan Smith was one of my first girlfriends. I wonder if she is still hairdressing these days. This was over forty years ago. Neill Jupp.

By Neill Jupp
On 29/10/2011

Along with Ginny I too was great friends with Jenny, and the three of us had many good times together. Ginny and I are still in touch and meet up whenever we can, but sadly do not know Jenny's present whereabouts The last we knew she was planning to emigrate to Spain.

Comment by Janet Finn (Purcell) - added by Editor.

By Andy Gilbert
On 30/10/2011

Hello. I did my apprenticeship at Jennifer Anns starting in May 66.. (Hi Neill Jupp).The Senior stylists were Jennifer June Helen Josie and Sue Beal who married my brother David. Sue Bingham and I (Joan Smith) were the apprentices. One Friday morning, I think it was Fri 8th Dec 67' a local lady was having her hair set by June when her little girl said "Look at the snow mummy". No one took any notice as it started out a lovely sunny day. "Look at the snow mummy" the little girl said in a louder voice" With that we all stopped work and looked out the window. The snow flakes were coming down the size of half a crown. No one could believe their eyes. Everyone can tell a story of that day. My farther Bert Smith who worked for the Argos in Brighton walked all way home from work to Newhaven. What a day that was! I am happily married to John Huxley and still live in Newhaven.

By Joan Huxley
On 05/11/2011

Hi just spent 3 days in Newhaven visiting my brother and his family (Hi Joan Huxley nee Smith) The first thing I have to say is that the new incinerator makes Newhaven look shabby as it dominates the skyline,and also looks as if you are going to get a lot of dust from its chimney. Neill Jupp.

By Neill Jupp
On 13/11/2011

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