Photo:Still used when there's a blackout

Still used when there's a blackout


Metalwork Project

By Michael Player

Not sure whether it's worth devoting a page to this but I hope it triggers a few comments.
The pictures of the school being demolished reminded me of this candle holder which I made in the Metalwork class at Newhaven Secondary Modern School (as it was called then) in 1964.
Actually making it was more like being a Blacksmith.
There was coke fueled forge with an electric blower. Pieces of iron would be put into the forge until they were red hot, then they would be removed, twisted, bent about and finally hammered into shape.
Bits would be riveted together with red hot rivets from the forge and a big old gas torch was used for welding.
All very dangerous, wouldn't be allowed today I'm certain, but I can't remember any accidents. I'm sure there are many of these candle holders still in existence in and around Newhaven.

The difference with this one is that it is attached to my Bar in Sydney Australia.

Nothing much had changed when I made almost the same thing ten years later! Andy - Editor.

This page was added by Michael Player on 12/09/2009.
Comments about this page

Remember this item well Michael, I made one exactly the same the year before you in 1963. Think the teacher's name was Mr.Peter Nicholas. This was obviously a 'standard' project as commented by the editor and guess what....I found mine when clearing my parents' attic about 9 years ago. I remenber the forge well, it was half way along the right hand side of the classroom. Great to see yours in use and what memories it brings back so yes, it was worth mentioning. Thanks.

By Paul Blackman
On 12/09/2009

Interesting to see the comments on Mr Nicholas' time at Newhaven Secondary Modern, as it was in 1964 circa.We had to make a pointing trowel, and various other items again with the forge as certain test exercise pieces were common in giving boys workshop experience. ( Where are they now!!! ) We also had a Mr Martin for woodwork in the next workshop area ( alas with minus two fingers, good advert for woodwork etc !! ) Anyway I wish them well if they are still with us, as these craft sessions served me well in my boatbuilding career .

By Chris Young
On 13/09/2009

I always enjoyed metalwork lessons there. But it was a Mr Hopkins in my days

By William Still
On 13/09/2009

I had a Mr Hopkins for woodwork. We had to troop down to the Old School for that. He also taught my father. I remember the forge in the metalwork classroom being half way along the right hand side of the room. In my post I mention the forge having an electric blower, I'm not sure now. Was it hand wound ??

By mjplay
On 15/09/2009

It was electric. In a metalwork class some time around 1974, one of the boys in our class pulled the baffle right out and blew red hot coals right across the room, much to the annoyance of the teacher - whose name escapes me.

By David Woolford
On 18/09/2009

Yes I remember Mr Nicholas and that old coke forge, then shaping the metal on the anvil. Just above that room was the science room with "old sniffy" then above that was Jock Frasers room which was my classroom. Happy Days !

By Harry M.
On 30/04/2010

I made one too but I put one too many twists in it. I think I got knocked down a few points but it still did a job.

By Ron Herriott
On 30/01/2014

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