Street (and harbour!) theatre comes to town - 16/7/2011

By Andy Gilbert

The driving rain of earlier in the day disappeared and even the wind dropped a bit, all ready for Newhaven's street spectacular, put on jointly by Brighton's Zap Art and French street art company Generik Vapeur.

What can you say about Newhaven Cormorant? Blue people in suits, Newhaven Youth Marching Band, a giant photo, a band on a truck, lots of oil drums, a fire-breathing dog, drummers and fire on the river, corn and feathers (I haven't a clue what that was about!), MAD wanting the sandy beach back, some flying cardboard boxes, people 'flying' from the cliffs, a pyramid and some fireworks! There was lots more too......

You had to have been there to really appreciate it - and an awful of of people were!

Here's 30 of my favourite photos from the event.

Photo:Newhaven Cormorant 2011

Newhaven Cormorant 2011

Photo:Crowds await the start

Crowds await the start

Photo:They lined the High Street

They lined the High Street

Photo:The 'Photo Communale' unveiled

The 'Photo Communale' unveiled

Photo:A lot of people!

A lot of people!

Photo:Newhaven Youth Marching Band

Newhaven Youth Marching Band

Photo:The fiery dog!

The fiery dog!

Photo:They rolled and banged the oil drums

They rolled and banged the oil drums

Photo:They jumped off them!

They jumped off them!

Photo:They climbed on people's balconies!

They climbed on people's balconies!

Photo:Fire on the river

Fire on the river

Photo:The 'blue' band

The 'blue' band

Photo:You tell me what this is about!

You tell me what this is about!

Photo:Pirates and a plastic seagull

Pirates and a plastic seagull

Photo:Drummers in fishing boats

Drummers in fishing boats

Photo:It's that dog again!

It's that dog again!

Photo:MAD singing 'I do like to be beside the seaside'!

MAD singing 'I do like to be beside the seaside'!

Photo:Dozens of boxes were in the air - I got hit fair and square!

Dozens of boxes were in the air - I got hit fair and square!

Photo:The ferry hooted as the armada passed!

The ferry hooted as the armada passed!

Photo:The band played non-stop!

The band played non-stop!

Photo:Revelry at the Harbourside

Revelry at the Harbourside

Photo:More revelry at the Hope Inn

More revelry at the Hope Inn

Photo:The band still played on!

The band still played on!

Photo:They jumped on buildings too!

They jumped on buildings too!

Photo:Blue people on the march again

Blue people on the march again

Photo:Flying from the clifftops!

Flying from the clifftops!

Photo:Look over there!

Look over there!

Photo:The oil drum pyramid is released

The oil drum pyramid is released

Photo:Aerial fireworks too

Aerial fireworks too

Photo:The ferry leaves and the lifeboat shoots up a flare

The ferry leaves and the lifeboat shoots up a flare

All photos © Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 17/07/2011.
Comments about this page

What on earth was it all supposed to be about? Men with blue faces standing on oil drums pointing.

Dan Dare and the Eagle comic had aliens with blue faces as well (known as Mekons)

Other Mekons were throwing cardboard boxes at people, and even more Mekons built a heap of oil drums and then knocked it down. WHY!!!! 

Mekons dragging a couple of old oil drums along on wheels with a fire in one. WHY!!!

Or was it just an experiment to see if people will react today as the mice did with the pied piper and follow the crowd. People did similar things in WW2. If there was a queue they joined it even though they did not know what they were queuing for.

Any other time or place, the Mekon box throwers would have been arrested for grevious bodily harm or disturbing the peace.

Similarly, as in the Hans Anderson story of the Kings Invisible clothes, you must say how wonderful it all is, otherwise if you don't, everybody else (even though they didn't understand it either) will laugh at you because in fact it was all about nothing.

Oi s'pose mus' 'ave bin zum of this y'ere modin art us 'ears 'bout.

By Completely baffled of Newhaven
On 19/07/2011

I don't know what this was all about but it looks to have been huge fun. The photos are so great that I almost felt as though I had taken part. Thanks for showing a distant exile from his home town that Newhaven still has life left in it!

By Derek Longly
On 19/07/2011

WOW the craziest thing I've seen in Newhaven but it was amazing. The rythm of the drummers and banging oildrums was hypnotic, please do more. I'll invite loads of my friends to come and watch this spectacular event. Roll on Cormorant. Thank you Julie Kingswood

By Julie Kingswood
On 19/07/2011

Oh come on, Completely Baffled, anyone would think you didn't like it! It was street theatre, fun and enjoyment pure and simple, spectacle, no need for rhyme or reason. As for those following the Pied Piper, a lot of them followed him all the way to the beach and there were big crowds congratulating the peformers at the end, so they must have done something right!

By Andy Gilbert
On 19/07/2011

I'm sorry, but I DIDN't understand any of it, so NO! I did not like it. AND it appears Andy Gilbert, who posted these pictures, admits himself that HE didn't understand at least some of it by his comment "What is this all about" on the 12th photograph, (the one of the man who appears to have been hung with something running out of a plastic bag above his head.) In fact IS there anybody out there who can explain exactly WHAT that particular item was supposed to be depicting?

By Completely Baffled of Newhaven
On 21/07/2011

Completely Baffled is entitled to his views about Newhaven Cormorant, which I fully respect. But, after speaking to many friends that saw the event, and now reading the reports in the Sussex Express, it seems that 3000 people were there (more than I'd thought) and that a lot of them, me included, enjoyed it. They're now asking for something similar to be staged in the future.

As for not understanding it, Completely Baffled is quite right. That's what I did say about that photo. However, I did also say 'no need for rhyme or reason' in my previous comment, sentiments echoed in the paper this morning by Cllr Rod Main.

'Vive le street art!' as I'm sure they say!

By Andy Gilbert
On 22/07/2011

As I was quoted as saying, "it was art". The National Gallery famously had a pile of bricks, Tracey Emin had her unmade bed, Damien Hurst has all manner of weird and wonderful stuff... do I undersatnd any of it? No. This was a lot more fun... whatever it was about.

By Rod Main
On 23/07/2011

My children and I absolutely loved it, I would like to see more of this kind of thing happening in Newhaven.

By barrie wells
On 23/07/2011

This event was great I have never see something like it in my hometown of Newhaven. I hope we have something like this again.

By Adam
On 09/09/2011

If 'baffled' thinks that's weird he wants to come over to Hastings for the Old Town carnival,or go to Battle for the bonfire celebrations,they are something different.

By Terry Howard
On 11/09/2011

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