By Brian Urry

Class 4 Newhaven Junior School circa 1952. Lots of familiar faces - Mervin Simmonds, Ian Walton, Nina Shepperd, Brenda Delacourt, Carol Cole, Ann Urry, Carol Hanson, ? Gilman. Perhaps you know the rest?

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This page was added by Brian Urry on 08/04/2008.
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Not Ian Walton, it's Terry Walton, top right back row. Also, it's Melvyn Simmonds not Mervin. Others in the photo, I think, are Christine Baker, Joyce Tyrell, Roger Lester, Terry Ashdown, Gary Gilman and Doreen Molyneux.

By Carol Walton
On 09/04/2008

I am in bottom row of girls - third from right, and far right is Margaret Shaw. Third one in from left on front row is Wayne Greenfield [my boyfriend!!!!!]

By Sandy Lower
On 18/09/2009

Found someone else - Sarah (Sally) Bates - second row down second from right. I remember lots more faces but not their names!

By Sandy Lower
On 21/09/2009

My younger sister is in this photograph. Just the spelling is wrong....Joyce Terrill.

By Celia Malfroot nee Terrill
On 04/12/2009

I am in the back row 4th from left. Doreen Molyneux is 4th from right in next row down & Roger Lester is on the left of the front row. I have this photo with names on it and will try to find it for my own sake. It really annoys me when I can't put names to faces.

By Terry Howard
On 23/02/2010

I think you will find that 2nd left back row is Derek Underwood and I think it is me next to Terry Walton. Then is Carol Geer and Georgina Ewens in the picture ??

By Terry Nunn
On 05/03/2010

I cannot find my photo of the class, surely someone out there must be able to get all these names sorted out, perhaps we should have a get together.

By Terry Howard
On 12/03/2010

That is definitely Terry row...4th from left.

By Peter Howard
On 11/07/2010

This photo was my sister Ann's class. As she went around with Carol Cole they were very good friends. Shame she's not here to see this photo she could be in it. Her name was Ann Raycraft. Sadly my dear sister passed way on Dec 26 2009. She would have known some of the faces. I left Newhaven 2002 to live in Ireland

By barbara raycraft
On 30/08/2010

2nd row.... 2nd from the left is my mum Nena Sheppard. She looks so cute. Looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! Bless her and all that have gone since this photo was taken. 

By Natasha MacMillan
On 05/10/2016

Second from left sitting is John Adams I think, Gary Gilman second from right sitting.

By Terry Howard
On 16/05/2019

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