Newhaven regatta held on the 7th August, 1882.

By Pete Mason

Here are 3 pictures of the annual Regatta, they are date 7th August, 1882.

Note the crowd and also the fact that the West Promenade and Breakwater are still under construction with materials and debris everywhere.

Also in the top two pictures can be seen a semi-circle of rocks which are sometimes still visible today.

No Health & Safety issues then, no beach closed off then, how ever did they survive?

Photo:West Promenade

West Promenade

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Near complete Signal station

Near complete Signal station

Newhaven Historical society

Photo:West Promenade & Breakwater

West Promenade & Breakwater

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Trident and Tipper

Trident and Tipper

Courtesy of Peter Bailey

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