July 2015

By Richard Beckett


"I remember being in Newhaven with this boat which also did service/rescue for Billy Butlins Channel swim and then went on to Gib and Tangier..." Robert Turner 31/07/2015

NEWHAVEN FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) "In the first photo is my Dad Bill Winder known as Windy along with his life-long friend Bluey (sp?) Simmons. Patricia Tomson 27/07/2015

SIGNATURES OF PEOPLE FROM NEWHAVEN FAMILIES - 1880s / 1890s (View page) "Where was Leghorn Villa, shown in the 8th picture, and residence of H. Arthur Towner? I'm assuming it was named after the Italian town Rob Patten 25/07/2015

THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF THE PORT AND PASSENGER FERRY (View page) "Ben, Undertaking research for Sussex University and interested in your essay. I am investigating basis of 'Ho Chi Minh' story. Bruce Granger 24/07/2015

SIGNATURES OF PEOPLE FROM NEWHAVEN FAMILIES - 1880s / 1890s (View page) "My Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was Benjamin Franklin." Elliot Franklin 21/07/2015

SAXONHOLME DEMOLITION (View page) "I am the maternal grandson of Dr and Mrs Summerhayes, former owner of 'Saxonholme'.  I am currently writing a book about them, ..." Derek Turner 17/07/2015


"Andy, could she be an ex-hdml (Harbour Defence Motor Launch) similiar to the Medusa? Her lines look similiar. Dawn Approach was a different..." Rob Patten: 07/07/2015

NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page) "There is a page on this site "upper end of the harbour" which shows a stern view of the MV Dawn Approach, Rob Patten: 06/07/2015

BACK FROM A FISHING TRIP (View page) "Hi William, when I first glanced at the photo, I thought the feller holding the Bull Huss was Trevor Bennett, but now I'm not so sure. Colin Brandon 06/07/2015

NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page)"Hi Rob, was the white hulled vessel the Dawn Approach and owned by a London doctor?." Colin Brandon 06/07/2015

PIDDINGHOE FOOTBALL CLUB (View page) "Hi Graham, great photo. What was the history of the football trophy in this photo and any ideas where it is now?" Pete Noyce: 05/07/2015

NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page) "Has anybody any idea about the white hulled vessel inboard in the picture. The hull lines look vaguely military, like an MGB,  Rob Patten 05/07/2015

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