May 2015

By Richard Beckett

OPEN SPACES PROJECT, NEWHAVEN (View page) Lewes District Council are to sell the Union / Meeching Down to developers! This must be stopped! Kirsty 31/05/2015

AIR TRAINING CORP (View page) As far as I know the top photograph was taken at RAF Thorney Island in the mid fifties. Douglas Brocklesby 18/05/2015

NORTH QUAY BALLAST WHARF (View page) The big blue crane. My dad Andy McIntyre worked on it late 70s/early 80s - he also worked on the Sand Swift that use to dock there. Neil McIntyre 29/05/2015

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL (View page) 4th pic down - Mr Gummersaw's (spelling?) class 2nd row 3rd in is me between I think Ollie Rhodes and James Nolan Neil Mcntyrei 29/05/2015

HOLDER FAMILY FROM SOUTH HEIGHTON (View page) Regarding the school in South Heighton, my father George Holder said the Head Mistress was Mrs Stevens who lived in the School House Julie Dawson 29/05/2015

PERCY JENNER (View page) Have just noticed this article about Percy Jenner and my part in displaying his uniform at the fort. It was a pleasure to get to know Percy Ian Everest 16/05/2015

PERCY JENNER (View page) John Snow - would that sister be Rose Rookley (possibly Higginson after marriage)? If so, I think we're researching the same family tree. Naomi Chapman: 13/05/2015

ROBERT RENVILLE (View page) This is my great great great grandfather too, my grandmother's maiden name was Daisy Rookley, her mother's maiden name :Naomi Chapman 13/05/2015

NEWHAVEN GIRLS SCHOOL (View page) Winnie Rayner (Keep) is my aunt, she will be 94 this year. Jennie Woods 12/05/2015

GOOD HOPE RECOVERY (View page) The Good Hope is in Watchet. I own the boat. Could we have a photo to add to this page please? Andy-Editor Mark Shkensberg 12/05/2015;

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) The first picture - back row, second from right is Phillip Carter (my brother) not Allan.  Mary Thomas 10/05/2015;

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) In the top picture the person second from the right seated in the front row,looks like my cousin Roger Howard. Terry Howard 09/05/2015

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) Top picture, back row - Mr. Furner, Head Master, next Doug Brocklesby, second from right Allan Carter and far right is Micheal Cornwall. B. Greenfield 09/05/2015

THE BRIDGE HOTEL (View page) Does anyone know what’s happening with regards to Harveys taking it over, is it being reopened or what?Guy Stevens 07/05/2015

GRAYS SCHOOL (View page) I'm 2nd row from the back 2nd in from right next to Mandy Ripley.  Hayley Stevens (plant) 07/05/2015

THE BRIDGE HOTEL (View page) Looks like two similar but different buildings judging by a comparison of the window proportions, roof line, doorway, bay, right hand extension Reg Towner 04/05/2015

HUBERT LONGLY - MY GRANDFATHER AND HIS SHIPS (View page) My grandfather Lawrence Lonsdale also served aboard HMS Paris, He was reportedly involved in operation laying mines along the Belgian coast . Jeff Lonsdale 03/05/2015

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) Hi Brian Mutton, I was stationed at RAf Mountbatten in 1947 and I have some old but poor photographs I took of some of the HSL's.  Ray. 02/05/2015


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