October 2016

By Richard Beckett

NEWHAVEN CONVENT (View page) `Highfure` House Billingsurst, built by my Wife's Grandfathather Stephen Gover 31/10/2016

THE ORIGINAL AMY STORE (View page) My grandmother lived at 1 Norton Terrace. Steve Jones 30/10/2016

YVONNE CUP NIGHT (View page) This photo which showed three members of my family. Jean South 29/10/2016

HOLDER FAMILY SOUTH HEIGHTON (View page) I have finally found this site again. Scarlett Holder. 29/10/2016

NEWHAVEN CENTENARIAN (View page) Lived 15 Saxon Road for 37 years. Peter Hills. 28/10/2016

NEWHAVEN FIRE SERVICE - WAR YEARS (View page) last photo, front row, 2nd from left Harry Scott. Ann Meardon 24/10/2016

A.A RAYMOND (View page) I was 2nd engineer on AA Raymond. Bryan Greenfield. 21/10/2016

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) Pic 1. Girl in dark jacket and shorts is me Carole Wilkinson. 19/10/2016

A NEW MODEL OF THE MEECHING (View page) I always wanted a model of the Meeching. Don Waller 19/10/2016

VACCO FACTORY (View page) The photos were taken early 60s. Carole Knott 19/10/2016

SEA CADETS NEWHAVEN (View page) Top Photo. officer seated 2nd row 3rd from right George Simmons. Carole Knott 19/10/2016

THE DANZIG (View page) The other German vessel was the Hamburg. Andy Gilbert 19/10/2016

DOUG STREET - LIVING ON DENTON ISLAND (View page) My great grandparents were the Richards Nikki Richardson 19/10/2016

DIEPPE-NEWHAVEN (View page) When were Dieppe-Newhaven ferries fitted with  stabilizers. Philippe Rouyer 14/10/2016

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL 1955 (View page) Are you T. Merchant who lived South Road. Heather Allen nee Woolven 14/10/2016

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL (View page) Back row - John Sherwood, Paul Ashdown, Heather Allen nee Woolven 14/10/2016

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL (View page) I’m in 2nd. 3rd, 4th last photos. name Heather not Hazel .Heather Allen 14/10/2016

WHERE WE USED TO PLAY (View page) We had good times playing on the Union Hill. Heather Allen nee Woolven 14/10/2016

SEA CADETS (View page) I am Rev Naderer’s daughter. The Padre died in Sept 1998. Rosalind Naderer 10/10/2016

NEWHAVEN CENTENARIAN (View page) Happy 100th Birthday. Natasha Macmillan 10/10/2016

THE CREW (View page) Bottom 1st on left is father Stanley Winter. John Winter 08/10/2016

NEWHAVEN CENTENARIAN (View page) I wonder if you are the person who lived in Saxon Road. Graham Moore 08/10/2016

DAMAGED AT SEA (View page) Stanley Winter one of 7 crewmen awarded the RNLI bronze medal. Rob Patten 07/10/2016

MRS WARNES' SHOP AND THE SHIP HOTEL (View page) Yes I did join the army for a short time. Carole Knott 06/10/2016

NEWHAVEN CENTENARIAN (View page) Without him there would be no Historical Society or Museum. Andy Gilbert 05/10/2016

NEWHAVEN JUNIOR SCHOOL (View page) 2nd row.2nd from the left is Nena Sheppard. Natasha MacMillan 05/10/2016

FALAISE AT MARINE WORKSHOPS (View page) Thanks for all the comments about these photos. Stephen Morris 04/10/2016

DAMAGED AT SEA (View page) Stanley Winter awarded Bronze medal. John Winter. 04/10/2016

NEWHAVEN FOOTPLATEMEN (View page) Looking at these pictures I found my Grandad F. Wilde, Marian Wilde 04/10/2016

FALAISE AT MARINE WORKSHOPS (View page) I’ve a photo of Falaise berthing at Marine Shops. Andy Gilbert 01/10/2016

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