Photo taken 1981

By Paul Smith (

Passengers waiting for a train at Newhaven Harbour Station taken in 1981.  Does anyone recognise the man leaning forward!?

The second pictures depicts a train departing for Brighton in the same year.

Both photographs taken by ex-Tideway pupil Paul Smith.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN HARBOUR STATION' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN HARBOUR STATION' page
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The people are standing adjacent to the level crossing barriers and I would respectfully suggest that they are waiting to cross the crossing after the train has cleared & the barriers have been raised. If they were waiting for the train then they would've been actually standing on the platform which is in the background. The train is on the down line and is bound for Seaford, not Brighton. Both pictures appear to have been taken from almost the same spot.

By Alan Dengate
On 26/08/2011

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