1951, 1958, 1960

By Martin Aldridge and Marilyn Nolan

1918 Squadron, c1951

Back Row: - (L-R) Cliff Moore, John Giles, George Wagstaff, Martin Aldridge

Front Row: - (L-R) Bob Tubb, David Barnet, Ron Short, John Marsden, Jack Patten

Photo:1918 Squadron, 1951

1918 Squadron, 1951

From Martin Aldridge's private collection

1918 Squadron, c1958

My husband Patrick Nolan was a Flight Sergeant in this picture around 1958 (he is on the back row far right).  Also, in the picture back row far left is Keith Novis who was a Sergeant.  In the second row, third from the left is John Rush and next to him fourth from the left is Ian Herriott, also Dave Blaber far right on the second row.  Fourth from the left in the front row is John Watkins and far right in the front row is Dave Rolf.

Does anyone have any idea who the others are?

Photo:1918 Squadron, 1958

1918 Squadron, 1958

From Marilyn Nolan's private collection

Another photograph of the 1218 Squadron at camp in 1957 showing my husband Patrick third from left in the back row and his mate Ron Collins first left in the front.  Do you recognise yourself?

Photo:1918 Squadron, c1958.

1918 Squadron, c1958.

From Marilyn Nolan's private collection

1918 Squadron, c1960's

This may have been early 60s.  My husband Patrick is third from left in second row (now a Warrant Officer he tells me!!).  Also Rodney 'Smiley' Baker third from left in the back row, 'Beetle' Bailey centre back row and Chris Bird to the right of him, second right in the back row is John Greening I think, also John Rush last on the left in the front row.

Can anyone come up with anymore names?

Photo:1918 Squadron, c1960s

1918 Squadron, c1960s

From Marilyn Nolan's private collection

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A little before my time with squadron. George Wagstaff went on to become a warrant oficer. We had a Corporal Geering and a flight Sargent Norman Massey during my time there. There was also a Mr Syd Turner as a Warrant Officer. He was a crane driver for the harbour works at that time.

By William Still
On 07/11/2007

Syd Turner was my uncle (my father Ray Turner) and he died a couple of years ago. Do you have any photos of my Uncle?

By Sylvia Woolford
On 07/11/2007

Hello Sylvia. I first met Syd when we both lived at Mount Pleasant. I met him again when he was steam crane driver for the harbour works (and had many a ride on the crane too). I lost contact when I moved house. The last I heard he was in Dover. I am sorry to hear of his passing away.

By William Still
On 14/12/2007

I was in the ATC 1949 to 52. The missing name 3rd from the left on the bottom row is Ron Short. He worked in Moscow for the cypher dept of the UK. A small correction, Martin Aldrich was the 4th from left back row. Flt Winters was one of our officers.

By L. Jack Patten, Canada
On 16/04/2008

I recognise the name Martin Aldrich. We were at school together as well as the ATC. I have not seen him since those times. Good to know you are a contributor.

By Jack Patten
On 18/04/2008

If you log on again Jack, have you any idea who the chap standing behind you is? I have it in my mind that his uncle was Sir Frank Whittle.

Regards Martin Aldridge, South Africa

By Martin Aldridge
On 24/05/2008

5th from the left is John "Dinger" Bell. I served with him as an officer from 1967 to 1972.

By Jack Patten
On 25/05/2008

The officer in the peaked cap is Guy Pearman. The adult officer with folded arms is John "Dinger" Bell.

By Jack Patten (01/05/2008)

Top row Right to Left

2nd right John Greening, 4th from right Chris Bird, 7th from right Rod Baker (now in Canada), 9th from right Chisolm.

Middle Row
3rd from right Instructor Mr Bell, Charlie (rear gunner), 7th from right Pat Nolan, 8th from right, Bill Rogers, 9th from right Ian Herriot

Bottom Row

1st on right, Mike Mayo, 2nd on right Robert Cobden, 3rd on right Derek Smith, 4th on right Rush.

By Rod Baker (09/05/2008)

By Sylvia Woolford
On 25/05/2008

Re: Martin Aldridge's 1951 photo. That looks very much me 1st left on the front row! I don't remember a Bob Tubb, but I seem to recall being with Martin, Cpl Jack Patten et al around that time with the ATC training in a tent at RAF Thorney Island.
I was grateful for the wireless op training I had at 1218 squadron [it was the only alternative to engine mechanics and I didn't want to get my hands greasy!] It was the start of my career through the RAF and into a similar civilian job with GCHQ.
Does anyone remember a guy [can't remember his name] who used to take us flying at Rochester? He was a used car broker and used to have us scanning the local papers throughout the journey for cars wanted and for sale?
Thanks for evoking some long forgotten memories.

By John Why
On 17/08/2008

In the first picture c1951; that is definitely Bobby Tubb on the left of the front row.

By Jack Patten
On 16/10/2008

I think you're (all) right, Jack: On closer inspection, it's not me: I was never so good looking!

By John Why
On 04/11/2009

I was in the 1218 from about 1947 till July 1952 when I went into the R.A.F. for Nat Service. Was great friends with many mentioned above, would like to hear from them. I remember Jack Patten, at the time, his brother Laurie was the flight sergeant who I think also went to Canada. I was also a flight sergeant when I left. I have some photos of the annual camps we attended.

By Dave Brady
On 06/05/2012

Does anyone remember Tony Brandon who was in the 1218 squadron in the late 40's, early 50's? I remember Jack Patten and his brothers well. Used to live opposite the old war memorial in Chapel St/Fort Rd.

By Brian Sloane
On 14/05/2012

Hello Brian. Was your Dad George Sloan, if so then I remember you well. We were good friends. I used to enter you house from the back lane of South Road. I spent 4 years of my painters apprenticeship working with your Dad. He used to send me down the "bookies" through the back door of the shoe repair shop on Bridge Street every day with a surefire winner. He was a grand and decent man. Jack Patten Vancouver Island, Canada.

By Jack Patten
On 24/05/2012

Hello everyone I'm a current SNCO at 1218 and have been for the last couple of years. Reading through the comments it seems that 1218 has always been a big family and its my pleasure to say that it remains the same. I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I recently received a email asking me about a Society of Friends of No 1218 (Newhaven) Squadron Air Training Corps, the email reads as follows Dear Sirs, I wonder whether you might know how I could contact the Society of Friends of No 1218 (Newhaven) Squadron Air Training Corps, by email if possible? My Father Wing Commander Richard Seys was the first to be towed in a glider across the Atlantic from Montreal to Prestwick in 1943 and I would like to commemorate the 70th anniversary of that event if possible. Your help would be appreciated. So if anyone can help or would be interested in getting in contact to commemorate the anniversary please contact me Many thanks look forward to hearing from you all.

By Sgt(ATC) Nick Collins
On 22/06/2012

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