Warm for May!

By Andy Gilbert

I snapped this from Seaford beach this afternoon - Sunday 11th May 2008.

Cote d'Albatre arrives from Dieppe, her shape rippled and colours muted by the heat haze. A small boat bobs up and down in the bay and there's a lone seagull to be seen just below the '.com' in the ferry's Transmanche logo.

On the beach, one man eats the inevitable ice cream, another gazes across the bay, and a third is about to experience a near-miss with a football kicked by some boys just out of shot. I guess the two empty chairs belong to someone - maybe they're out for a swim!

So, a rather summery scene for early May - let's hope it lasts better than last year.

Photo:Cote d'Albatre arrives.

Cote d'Albatre arrives.

Andy Gilbert

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