October 2014

By Richard Beckett


TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page)"We lived up on Mount Pleasant (Beresford Road) and I don't remember our TV playing up at all. It was only black & white but we watch..." By: Brenda Hall 31/10/2014

LITTLE COASTERS AT THE NORTH QUAY (View page)"The submarine mentioned by Colin was HMS Sea Devil - not the most original name - her name plaque is/was in the wardroom at the Newhaven sea..." By: Rob Patten 26/10/2014

LITTLE COASTERS AT THE NORTH QUAY (View page)"Me too. Watched her sail up and down the river, and through the old swing bridge on many occasions. I'll see if I can get a photo or two..."By: Andy Gilbert                                        Created: 23/10/2014; Added: 24/10/2014

LITTLE COASTERS AT THE NORTH QUAY (View page)"I certainly remember the Celtic.  She had a blue hull and brown upper works and silently, with great dignity, used to glide up and down..."By: William Stovell                                        Created: 23/10/2014; Added: 24/10/2014

THE BUILDERS OF NEWHAVEN CONVENT (View page)"There was a derelict building at the back of the bottom of Church Hill and a triangular piece of unused land where we used to play as kids i..."By: Nigel Willis                                        Created: 21/10/2014; Added: 22/10/2014

LITTLE COASTERS AT THE NORTH QUAY (View page)"Does anyone remember the little coaster 'Celtic' with Captain Shearing and one boy for crew.    She took about 230 tons of..."By: Sue Dumelow nee Bartlett                                        Created: 21/10/2014; Added: 22/10/2014

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page)"Regarding the comment about Max Wall visiting the school, I played in a band at the time and we were asked to play at the fund raising event..."By: Terry Walton                                        Created: 20/10/2014; Added: 20/10/2014

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page)"What a blast from the past.   So great to read all those names, some bring back happy memories, some terrifying.   I left NCS in 1..."By: Sue Dumelow nee Bartlett                                        Created: 19/10/2014; Added: 20/10/2014

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page)"Yes Reg Laycock did move to Essex where I believe he sadly passed away, that is such bad news to here that Paul Davis has passed away this y..."By: Richard Wellfare                                        Created: 17/10/2014; Added: 17/10/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL - 1981 (View page)"Back Row: Lee Carey, Christopher ? Laurie Stonehouse, Richard Hall, Mark Thorne, Stewart Gadd, Rene Duchossoy, Nick Kerslake. Middle Row: G..."By: Tracey Nolan                                        Created: 17/10/2014; Added: 17/10/2014

G. SIMS - BOOK (View page)"George Simms was a good artist. I am still in possession of two of his water colours, one of The Flying Fish in Denton, the other he painted..."By: Sue Dumelow nee  Bartlett                                        Created: 17/10/2014; Added: 17/10/2014

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page)"Hi Richard. Regarding your enquiry about Reg, Paul and Bob......Reg I assume is Reg Laycock who I believed moved to Essex but not sure, Pau..."By: Paul Blackman                                        Created: 17/10/2014; Added: 17/10/2014

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page)"Hi Paul, So what stories you got to tell about my dad, I'm sure there is a few I know quiet a few from over the years.......... I knew ..."By: Richard Wellfare                                        Created: 16/10/2014; Added: 16/10/2014

HIGH STREET (View page)"Does anyone remember a shoe-repairers called Hannigan's (I think the spelling's correct) in the 1950s, at the very top of the High S..."By: Doug Hall                                        Created: 16/10/2014; Added: 16/10/2014

FAMILIES and FRIENDS (View page)"Ted Byrne Snr is in the back row holding a pipe.  Ted Byrne Jnr is second from left in the back row.  Elsie Walton (nee Byrne) is ..."By: Carol Walton                                        Created: 16/10/2014; Added: 16/10/2014

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page)"Hi Dave, Yes of course I remember you. Blue Ford Anglia van comes to mind or is my memory failing me ? We worked to together in the Drawing..."By: Paul Blackman                                        Created: 14/10/2014; Added: 14/10/2014

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page)"Hi Paul, do you remember me in the drawing office? with Dave Deakon, Dave Newcomb, Alan Howard. I remember doing the Furguson Logo on the bi..."By: David Chadwick                                        Created: 12/10/2014; Added: 12/10/2014

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page)"Hi all Have purchased 2751! My intention is to get her back in the water, I would love to hear from anyone who knows about her and serv..."By: Stuart                                        Created: 11/10/2014; Added: 12/10/2014

PARKER PEN COMPANY (View page)"My name is Peter. I'm 50 years old and from the age of 14 I've been writing with the same Parker pen. I guess I'm the only per..."By: Peter Nelis                                        Created: 09/10/2014; Added: 10/10/2014

OLD NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page)"  I think I'm right in saying that Mr Simms rode a Harley Davidson. I can still remember the unmistakable noise it made. My parent..."By: David Beale                                        Created: 09/10/2014; Added: 09/10/2014

NEWHAVEN LOCO SHED (View page)"I have just returned from a few days stay at Newhaven / Seaford  and was sad to see the demolition of the engine shed, I started a..."By: DAVE BRADY                                        Created: 07/10/2014; Added: 07/10/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page)"Great to see these photos. I'm now living in Cape Town. My house recently burnt down so I have no photos at all!"By: Simon Goddard                                        Created: 06/10/2014; Added: 07/10/2014

MV BREST (View page)"Nantes was built in 1946, Rennes 1948 and Brest 1950, all twin-screw motorships.  Whereas the names of British ships were generall..."By: Bruce Macphee                                        Created: 04/10/2014; Added:

04/10/2014 NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"Back row is my brother John (Bim) Smart not my brother Dave. "By: Brian Smart                                        Created: 04/10/2014; Added: 04/10/2014

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 4 (View page)"Picture 2 Brian Smart."By: Ivy Smart                                        Created: 04/10/2014; Added: 04/10/2014

THE AIR SEA RESCUE AT NEWHAVEN (View page)"I spent my last year of RAF service here in 1969. I remember the trips out on the Ex.Ham Class minesweeper with the MOD boffins. They also h..."By: Steve Foster                                        Created: 03/10/2014; Added: 04/10/2014

TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page)"Hi again Andy, I was struggling to remember from which transmitter we were receiving our signals, to include that information in my comment..."By: Roger Morley                                        Created: 02/10/2014; Added: 03/10/2014

TED BYRNE SENIOR, c1960's (View page)"Hi Carol, This photo is of Ted pictured at middle back row my Mum is far right, not certain which is Elsie and I think lady 2nd right is Ter..."By: Carole Knott                                        Created: 02/10/2014; Added: 03/10/2014

HARBOUR LOCOMOTIVES 1930 - 1960 (View page)" Bruce,  further to my comments in 2009,  when I started in 1949 & until at least 1953 the shift was Mon to Sat book..."By: Dave Brady                                        Created: 28/09/2014; Added: 02/10/2014

TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page)"Ah, low noise pre-amps and Jaybeam antennas. I remember building and using both for amateur radio. Don't think many Newhaveners would h..."By: Andy Gilbert                                        Created: 01/10/2014; Added: 02/10/2014

TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page)"Just to put things in perspective, the gain/noise of the receiving set-up is just as important as the transmitter/aerial, and I think it'..."By: Roger Morley                                        Created: 29/09/2014; Added: 02/10/2014

OUR LOCAL FOOTBALL STAR (View page)"Hi Brentford FC are coming to the end of producing a 125 years of history book. In the book we've named the players, & ex players, ..."By: Paul Briers                                        Created: 02/10/2014; Added: 02/10/2014

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