November 2014

Richard Beckett

RAF BOATS IN THE 60'S/70'S (View page)"I remember 5012 well, I was on her for two and a half years Sept. 1969 to Mar 1972. The flume tank worked very well. 35 degree roll down to ..."By: Keith Wright 27/11/2014

FAMILY WEDDINGS AT ST MARY'S CHURCH, TARRING NEVILLE (View page)"Hello Jackie, Unfortunately, I don't know much about the photos but would be interested in hearing from you as we are distantly related..."By: Katherine 25/11/2014

ST GEORGE'S DAY PARADE (View page)"These pictures must have been taken in 1958 or 1959 as the deeds on our house that was built on this land say 1959. Very interesting article..."By: S Gilburt 24/11/2014

R.A.F. AIR SEA RESCUE (ASR), MARINE CRAFT SECTION (MCS Unit 1107) (View page) "My dad Ernest Shone R.A.F served on the HSL100 firstly based in Guernsey then transferred to Newhaven he is 93 year old now and has tol..."By: Lorraine Doe 23/11/2014

NEWHAVEN'S WAR MEMORIALS (View page) "My Great Grandfather is listed on the memorial at St Mary's Church. He is Cpl William Evans T4/185898. He was killed on the 27th April 1..."By: Richard Jones 23/11/2014

LONDON PARIS HOTEL - c1900 and 1942 (View page)"I think the Postcard view of the harbour dates from 1904. The photograph was taken by Levy & Sons, a Parisian photographers (hence the s..."By: Kevin Gordon 21/11/2014

LEWES ROAD HANDY STORES (View page)"I also first remember this shop as Maselins stores when I was a child and I remember Mr and Mrs Lynch running the shop. I think the las..."By: Mary Meadows 21/11/2014

'HOME FIRES: A HAUNTING STORY OF LOVE AND LOSS DURING THE GREAT WAR' (View page)"On 6th December, 10.30-am – 3.30pm, we are inviting people to come along and share their stories and family photos at a drop in remini..."By: Veronica Stephens 13/11/2014

MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL (View page)"I think you'll find that in the front row, second from the right is Theresa Ellyatt, not Ruth Davey." By: Roy Ellyatt 11/11/2014

MARITIME CASUALTY OFF NEWHAVEN (View page)"Yes, you are right, she was the Emily Barrett 77' in length,owned her for a number of years until she was vandalised and sunk at a Londo..."By: John Goddard 10/11/2014

CROSS CHANNEL CANOEING (View page)"The photo at the bottom is certainly Dover after our trip across from Calais but, it was 50 years ago, I thought the top photo was whilst we..."By: Peter Williams 10/11/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page)"The back row left to right is Nigel Barratt, Bob Morley(mole), Bob Moore, Colin Fish and Pete Russell and bottom row far right my old mate T..."By: Bob Moore 06/11/2014

RIVERSIDE HALL / OLD CAFE (View page)"The cafe was indeed run by Harry, he had been a prisoner of war with the Japs. In the 1960's the cafe was packed out with anglers and bo..."By: Dave Carpenter 04/11/2014

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