October 2012

By Richard Beckett

DEL WHITE (View page) "Just reading your piece again Tony and realized that Aunt Ethel was your grandmother  not your mother. That answers a few questions. Wou..." Terry Howard 31/10/2012

EASTSIDE PEOPLE (View page) "The top photo shows my gran Mrs Laura Browning in the front row holding the dog & her husband James Browning (my grandad) in the middle ..." Kathyleen Goff (Ingram) 26/10/2012

LOCAL LADS (View page) "Yes I remember Les he was a good friend of my dad. He was a big influence on me, I applied his common sense attitude throughout my work..." Terry Howard 23/10/2012

CONTACT US & GETTING INVOLVED! (View page) "Dear Editors, I was wondering if you could create an Index A - Z page of all your pages because I am still coming across unexpected and inte..." Brenda Hall 05/10/2012

LOCAL LADS (View page) "Hi Terry, I now live in Spain and have an old house which has old beams inside.  About every 2 years I treat them with linseed oil..." drac davies 23/10/2012;

NEWHAVEN BOY'S CLUB (View page) "I think that Alan Berry did live in Evelyn Av. He now lives in Peacehaven, I met him and John Duplock last year when I visited the UK. All t..." Jack Patten 23/10/2012

GIBBON ROAD (View page) "Chris Are you the same "Chris" that did a veg round on Saturdays for McFee's in the early sixties?" Ian Bishop 22/10/2012

NEWHAVEN BROWNIES - 1982 (View page) "Hi all ..!!! We are reminiscing about old times.! Would love to re-connect with class mates 81-82 especially Jane Palmer and Vanessa We..." Andrew Saggers 21/10/2012

GIBBON ROAD (View page) "Hi Chris, I will be in Brighton on the 27th of October. Would like to meet up if that is okay. Look me up on Facebook under Jean Jupp. Regar..." Neill jupp 20/10/2012

RAILWAY ROAD INFANT SCHOOL - 1947 (View page) "I was at Newhaven earlier in the year and it was such a pity to see the Parker Pen factory buildings empty and boarded up. Is there anything..." Colin Brandon 19/10/2012

HARBOURSIDE, FORT ROAD (View page) "Pulled a lot of pints here and at the Hole-in-the Wall in Seaford in 70 - 71 before demob from RAF 1107 marine craft unit. Wonderful memorie..." Ollie 18/10/2012

HARBOUR AERIAL VIEW (View page) "I remember this period well as I was working at the marina at this time which was then called Coral Marine Ltd, we used to go over the river..." Chris Young 17/10/2012

RAILWAY ROAD INFANT SCHOOL - 1947 (View page)  "I remember you and the plumbers at Parker Pen Colin. Another plumber was the Welshman Bryn Williams. "Anybody seen my yammerrrrrr" Such a ch..." Jack Patten 17/10/2012

VISIT BY HM THE QUEEN TO MEET THE NEWHAVEN LIFEBOAT CREW 1962 (View page) "Yes the lady on the extreme left is Doris Cole. She was my great aunt." Linda Crosse(Colwell) 16/10/2012

KATY MAY (View page) "You're quite correct Bob, afraid I have dyslexic fingers when typing!" Dick Roberts 15/10/2012

HMS WATCHFUL AT NEWHAVEN (View page) "The plate with the name on it is the battle honours board - hence the reference back to a previous ship of the same name. It would only..." John Sweatman 15/10/2012

LOCAL LADS (View page) "I used to help Wacker knott and prime the frames and fix the metal crittall windows into the wooden frames. They were bedded in with a yello..." Terry Howard 14/10/2012

KATY MAY (View page) "I think the name of the lifeboat was Katie May. Ex owner. Regards, Bob" 13/10/2012

LIFEBOATS AROUND THE HARBOUR (View page) "Charles Henry Ashley was a relief lifeboat that was kept in storage for a while in our empty boathouse. The Newhaven crew would keep it clea..." Rob Patten 10/10/2012

VACCO WORKS PARTY (View page) "My Gran mother Lily Parfitt worked at the Vacco factory in the 1970's and as a child I remember going there to visit when she was workin..." Matthew Robinson 09/10/2012

LOCAL LADS (View page) "Great to find someone who knew my dad. I was his little boy always on the lorry in summertime, must have been shoveling sand out of Banniste..." Drac Davies 09/10/2012

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL NATIVITY 1991 (View page) "Hi Will. You've jogged this old memory about the Christ Church Hall nativities. In 1962 I had the starring role of Joseph and did 3 perf..." Ron Herriott 10/10/2012

NEWHAVEN SEA CADETS (View page) "Many thanks for putting up these old memories of a super time had in the sea cadets . David Carter 10/10/2012

SEA CADETS (View page) "Hi John, I remember this day. it was an annual Boxing Day event held at the RNVR HQ near to Hove Lagoon [I wish I had that much ha..." By: David Carter 08/10/2012;

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "I left this school in December 1956 aged just 15. We boys could not mix with the girls at playtime.  I wish I could reme..." David Carter 08/10/2012

SHEERLEGS AND SEA CADETS (View page) "Thank you John, I have seen the photos, it is good you have kept them to remember all those good times. I hope you are keeping wel..." David Carter 08/10/2012

MOUNT PLEASANT (View page) "No. 47, it does look sad, doesn't it? More my rubbish teenage photography than the house, I think, as it was a new build in the mid 1950..." Brenda Hall 08/10/2012

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL NATIVITY 1991 (View page) "Sorry William, I was just having a bit of fun with you. I also slept on utility marked bedding and even my wardrobe was made from recycled t..."Colin Brandon 07/10/2012

DENTON (View page) "The Fish (or the Kicking Donkey as it was affectionally known) was my local pub for around ten years when I lived in Denton. Martin Watts wa..." R S Herriott 07/10/2012

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL NATIVITY 1991 (View page) "Utility marks were used during the war. It denoted cheaply made stuff, which was available during tight rationing. My parents had sets of re..." William Stovell 07/10/2012

ROB MAYO (View page) "Rob known to many as Bob was working with Dave Shoult, (who did not want his photo taken) they were putting out sand bags in Brookland Road ..." Karen Mayo 06/10/2012

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL NATIVITY 1991 (View page) "Utility marks. what was utility marks william?" Colin Brandon 06/10/2012

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "I was at Newhaven Sec Mod school under the headship of Mr Furner in the 60's I am now 65 yrs old, left in 1963 following 'O' lev..." Kay Burgess 05/10/2012

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL NATIVITY 1991 (View page) "Wow! This really takes me back to the '50's. The final scene of our nativity plays, at Christ Church Hall, was very similar, with th..." William Stovell 06/10/2012

EAST QUAY MOORINGS - 1990'S (View page) "Walk the plank" is the MV Fitzcarraldo which from 1992 – 2006 undertook 13 tours of the UK, taking theatre to the most remote parts o..." Richard Beckett 05/10/2012

GRAYS INFANTS SCHOOL (View page) "The gathering of the children following the carnival, was held in the grounds of Grays Nursery School. The house in the background had ..." Karen Mayo 05/10/2012

GRANNY SAVAGE & GEORGE MITCHELL'S FAMILY (View page) "I'm not from Newhaven but came across this website while browsing for old pics and memories of the town. I spent a year there with my ma..." Mick Matthews 02/10/2012

NEWHAVEN 'OLYMPICS' FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) "I remember Mick Willey when working at the Metcalf & Motley scrap metal yard along Drove Road. I worked there with Mick and my mate..." Mick Matthews 02/10/2012

THE BRIGHTON BREEZY 45157 (View page) "Don't know about the visit, the Loco used to be at the East Lancs Railway. It might still be there." Terry Howard 01/10/2012

HORSCRAFT FAMILY PHOTOS (View page) "Amazing finding your wonderful Newhaven site ! My second contribution - Horace H was of course Newhavens show bizz personality, his Salleeee..." Anthony Walter 30/09/2012

THE BRIGHTON BREEZY 45157 (View page) "Sorry to be pedantic but just a minor correction to the caption above. The London Midland Scottish (LMS) Black 5's were not 'Standar..." Paul Blackman 01/10/2012

DEL WHITE (View page) "Are you related to me Anthony?  My grandmothers sister, who lived in First Avenue, and who we knew as Aunt Ethel, had a son called Tony..." Terry Howard 01/10/2012

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