July 2013

By Richard Beckett

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT (View page) "I don't think they can pull it down, it's a Grade II listed building." By: Carol Walton 31/07/2013

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT (View page) "Oh dear, I worked on re-roofing the Bridge Inn when I was an apprentice in the 60s. We left a time capsule in a void in the wall with all our... Terry Howard 31/07/2013

REX CINEMA (View page) "I was the projectionist at the REX cinema in the late 1960s, I use to get 10 shillings a performance. The manager was Mr Bob Grover and assi..." Tom Bonnor 31/07/2013

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT (View page) "Why the R.I.P. comment ? don't tell me something's happened to the Bridge Inn !!!" Rob Patten 31/07/2013

TIDEWAY SCHOOL - 1981 (View page) "Wow. This photo brings back memories. PS I think that's Samantha Vincent next to me." Noele 31/07/2013

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT (View page) "R.I.P The Bridge" Guy Stevens 30/07/2013

CLIFFS AND WEST BEACH, NEWHAVEN (View page) "Sidney Gravett was the father of Daphne Brightwell (formerly Brightwell Dispenseries) His Grandchilren, Geoff and Elizabeth used to affectio..." Helen Wagstaff 30/07/2013

OUR LOCAL FOOTBALL STAR (View page) "Hi, this is my grandad! Do you know what happened to his brothers, Percy died in the war. I'd love to try and find my relatives on his s..." Amanda Holt 30/07/2013

MARINE CARPENTERS WORKSHOPS (View page) "lovely photos, spent many happy working years at the marine workshops." john snow 30/07/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN (View page) "What a lovely story and how nice of you Becky to give Violet such an opportunity to visit the home she was born in. I do hope she sees your ..." Linda Dudeney 30/07/2013

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) "I transferred from the Infants School to Meeching Junior School in the late 50s, and having spent my first year in Miss Wheatley's class..." Tony Bannister 30/07/2013

CLIFFS AND WEST BEACH, NEWHAVEN (View page) "As a footnote, Sidney Gravett was one of two celebrated water colour artists who were active in the Newhaven area in the post war period. Th..." Tony Bannister 29/07/2013

CLIFFS AND WEST BEACH, NEWHAVEN (View page) "Hi Margaret - the above picture belonged to my mother, and her mother was a Hibling. It looks like there may be some connection." Carol Walton 28/07/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN (View page) "Hi Violet, I have just seen your post and I am the current owner of your birth home, you are very very welcome to come and visit the house w..." Becky Rollison 28/07/2013

CLIFFS AND WEST BEACH, NEWHAVEN (View page) "This painting is indeed by Sidney Gravett. When I was a child he was our next door neighbour in Fort Road. My parents asked him to paint thr..." Tony Bannister 27/07/2013

HIGH STREET - 1990 (View page) "I used to live in the flat above these shops in picture 13, the window on the left that looks as though it has a tree growing out of it was ..." Terry Howard 26/07/2013

CORONATION TEA PARTY 1953 (View page) "Third picture down: counting in from the left, I am the fair haired girl with a dark jacket on and a label on my lapel." Valerie Standing nee Cousins. 26/07/2013

THE TIDEWAYNIAN (View page) "I hated every second of this school, I couldn't wait to leave." Guy Stevens 26/07/2013

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) "Miss Butlin took a group of girls Youth Hosteling ? 1964 we went to Surrey, brilliant. With Jan Berek, I am still walking, we have just walk..." Elaine Gillard (Winton)26/07/2013

NEWHAVEN TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB (View page) "How strange to be sitting in Brighton nearly 30 years on and see a picture of Dave Standing my late husband. I hated football!!!... but feel..." Valerie Standing nee Cousins 26/07/2013

CORONATION TEA PARTY 1953 (View page) "First time I have visited this site and could't believe it when I spotted myself at the age of nine. I think sitting next to me is ..." Valerie Standing nee Cousins 26/07/2013

OLD SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL (View page) "Who else remembers Mr Herman and Miss Parkinson and when we all got put in huts for 2 years until the building as it is today was built! Sou..." Guy Stevens 26/07/2013

NEWHAVEN YOUTH MARCHING BAND (View page) "The boy on the far right in the last picture is called Richard Cooper, I went to junior school with him (Southdown)" Guy Stevens 26/07/2013

NEWHAVEN IN POSTCARDS (View page) "Can you imagine if they did a postcard of Newhaven now? It would just be the incinerator, KFC and a fight in town on a Saturday night !" Guy Stevens 26/07/2013

HIGH STREET - 1990 (View page) "This is how I remember the town, growing up in the late 80s/90s, good times, much better than the depressing ghost town its become today." Guy Stevens 26/07/2013

DUNSTALL FAMILY - c1920's (View page) "I have a cousin Barb Dunstall, who's parents were Mae and Ernest Dunstall and lives in Wales?" Violet Hayne 26/07/2013

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) "Yes we remember Alan Fabery and his bald head (too much Brylcream when he was younger ! ). He was our Form Master for two years and we did a..." Peter Stephens 26/07/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "The people in these photos would have left school in 1961/1962 - no need to research." Carol Walton 25/07/2013

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) " In all these photographs you miss the point in stating which years the people being reunited attended the school, it would help if the..." Peter Stephens 23/07/2013

TIDEWAY (View page) "Dissecting bulls eyes in science and then throwing them out of the second floor windows, Mr (Boney) Jones the music teacher playing cla..." Tony Kingaby 23/07/2013

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) "A very interesting motley crew of people. Rodney Baker: Johnathan Oxborrow, Gerald Edwards, Michael Pooley, Paul Boncza, Lindsey Hibling and..." Peter Stephens 23/07/2013

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "The Examination Time looks to be 1965. The Dining area seems to be 1966." Peter Stephens 23/07/2013

SOUTH DOWNS AT DENTON - POPPY FIELDS (View page) "What a wonderful sight - we used to walk for miles over these fields when I was little, but never saw anything like this!" Pam Morrill (nee Britchfield) 22/07/2013

SOUTH DOWNS AT DENTON - POPPY FIELDS (View page) "That must be behind your house John, where I used to live in Wellington Road." Terry Howard 22/07/2013

CROSS CHANNEL QUEEN - SS BRIGHTON (View page) "I worked in the engine room in my younger days. The Brighton was known to be a bad sea ship. You could tell when you left the confines of th..." B.greenfield. 22/07/2013

PIDDINGHOE FOOTBALL CLUB (View page) "The man on the far right is indeed Reg Ingram; I used to go with my dad when he used to paint the white lines on the pitch." Margaret Andrews, (Ingram) 22/07/2013

NENA SHEPPARD (View page) "I believe Keith died some years ago in Australia." Carol Walton 18/07/2013

FAMILY WEDDINGS AT ST MARY'S CHURCH, TARRING NEVILLE (View page) "The 3rd picture down and the gentleman far right back row, with a mustache, does someone have his name please. My mother Frances Woolga..." Virginia Swan 13/07/2013

BORN IN NEWHAVEN (View page) "Is Peter Bailey still at the Museum? I and my mother (Frances Woolgar) were born in Newhaven... I believe Peter is still connected to the M..." Virginia Swan 13/07/2013

BRIDGE STREET - c1960 (View page) "Some additional details on the Guy Wulfrunian 8072DA.Chassis: Guy Wulfrunian 6LX; Chassis No. WUL74443 built 1960. Bodywork: built by Roe Lt..." Roy Simmons 13/07/2013

MEECHING JUNIOR FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) "John you are correct. I played for the Pells Junior school football team, 1964-68 and we played many times for this trophy, which we called ..." Nick Brown 13/07/2013

R LOWER & SONS (View page) "I have a "Lower boat" I have just been giving her a tidy up, I'm on Denton Island Newhaven. I am trying to find out her original na..." G. Brooks 05/07/2013

TERRIERS (View page) "A nice collection of pictures, Laurie. But allow me to make a few corrections. The first picture is of 32678 (formerly "Knowle") probably in..." Alan Cobden 05/07/2013

CLEVER MEN FROM THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT! (View page) "The following drawings and text for several schemes are to be found in the County records office at Lewes. These are just a few of the items..." Richard Beckett 03/07/2013

CLEVER MEN FROM THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT! ( View page ) "I can remember when I first came on the net seeing plans for a bypass around Newhaven. ESCC apparently had a German Company to draw up plans..."  Bill Purcell 03/07/2013

THE ROYAL OAK - PIDDINGHOE (View page) "I proposed to my wife Jenny at this pub on our once only visit in 1983. She said "yes" and we are still married. We returned a few year..."Barry Raynes 02/07/2013 

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