January 2014

By Richard Beckett

MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL (View page) Please can someone help me, I was born in July 1961 I think my first teacher was Canadian at my first school Tommy Judges 30/01/2014

OLD NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page) These are lovely drawings. Did George live in Beresford Road on The Mount? I have vague memories of him. Helen Wagstaff (nee Russell) 30/01/2014

T.S.S. ISLE OF THANET (View page) My grandfather, Herbert George Dawkins, was one of those killed when the "Dover Guard Ship" - the S.D/T. Ocean Reward YH 730 - was sunk. Ness Dobson 30/01/2014

MEECHING COUNTY JUNIOR SCHOOL - 1955 (View page) The teacher on Mr. Parker's right is Miss Collins. Next to her is, I am certain, Joyce Oxley, Bruce A. MacPhee 30/01/2014

BEDFORD (View page) "There are only 5 streets in Newhaven. High Street, Chapel Street, Bridge Street, Ship Street and Baker Street. John – Editor. Ron Herriott 30/01/2014

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) Just thought that I would add that I spoke with Miss Cavadini last week in Seaford and she seemed fit and well. Ron Herriott 30/01/2014

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "I made one too but I put one too many twists in it. I think I got knocked down a few points but it still did a job." Ron Herriott 30/01/2014

J.K DENTON FOOD AND WINE (View page) "I spent a lot of time in this shop as a child. My mate Mick Thorpe lived next door." Terry Howard 28/01/2014

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "Back row second from left next to Ron Mills is David (Dickie) Rogers. Also, I think it is Ted Haynes (far right back row)" Carol Walton 24/01/2014

REX CINEMA NEWHAVEN (View page) "I just remember the cinema being a lovely place and I am very proud to see my fathers shop is advertised in this programme" Trevor Tucker 24/01/2014

R LOWER & SONS (View page) "For Alastair Vickers. Was Rosalie II a 12ft sailing dinghy? If so I saw her down at Worthing Sailing Club yard." Ryan Kearley 19/01/2014

SENLAC ENGINEERS (View page) Barry Gilbert, Dennis Harper, John Gulbransen, Jack Duchossoy, Brian Berry. John Gulbransen's overalls never got that dirty." Rob McWilliams 18/01/2014

PARKER PEN WORKERS (View page) Carol, I remember your mum and dad very well in fact I met up with your mum when she came to UK just a couple of years ago Paul Blackman 18/01/2014

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) I have a friend who was a Corporal in Air Sea Rescue stationed at Chittagong and Calcutta. From memory he served on HSL 176, 2533 Brenda Mason 18/01/2014

NEWHAVEN TERRIERS (View page) The top picture was taken on the last day that a train crossed the bridge, on 10 August 1963. My father, Bob Cobden, was shunter that day Alan Cobden 18/01/2014

NEWHAVEN GUIDE (View page) I would like to get in touch with David and other Sweatmans... is it possible to send contact details via this website?  Virginia Miller 18/01/2014

NEWHAVEN TERRIERS (View page) "Great pictures just how I remember. It was always a pain getting your bike wheel over the rail where it crossed especially when it was wet. Terry Howard 18/01/2014

THE OLD SWING BRIDGE (View page) "Fascinating images for me! Not only the bridge and its 'gang' but the ships. At the top we see that the bridge has been opened  Andy Gilbert 18/01/2014

THE TIDEWAYNIAN (View page) "Well said Smiler! Couldn't have put it better myself! Love what you thought of your maths folder! Hated that subject!  Brenda Hall 18/01/2014

RAF LAUNCHES (View page) "Just found this interesting page and reading about 2760 brings back some memories of the night. I had been to the New Inn at Turnchapel  Mick Humble 11/01/2014

JEAN CANTELL'S DANCE STUDIO (View page) "I remember going to Cantells in the 50s and went to school with Margaret we were & still are good friends after all these years."  kathleen goff (lngram) 11/01/2014

FUNNELL'S THE BAKERS (View page) "When I worked at Mr Wherry's Dental Surgery at 'Willowhale', Meeching Road, in the late '50s with Jackie Patten (Kennard),  Janet Finn (Purcell) 11/01/2014

NEWHAVEN RECREATION GROUND (View page) "It seems that nothing changes!  Andy Gilbert 18/01/2014

INTERNATIONAL STORES (View page) "My dad had a DIY shop next to the International and my mum & sister worked in International, Newhaven used to be a thriving town Trevor Tucker 11/01/2014

THE TIDEWAYNIAN (View page) "The last day of school came. I left without ceremony a dim star quietly fading to black. After eleven unremarkable years, Rod Baker 10/01/2014

HARBOUR PHOTOS FROM JOHN HENDY - 1 (View page) "I was an engineer on the BRIGHTON for ten years she could roll alarmingly no stabilisers. I remember hanging on to a steel bar Bryan Berry 10/01/2014

DENTON ISLAND BRIDGE (View page) "Ah that bridge...I worked at HR Electrics just by it and often gazed at the bridge and the people walking to and fro,Kev Powney 10/01/2014

DENTON ISLAND (View page) "David I worked with your father at HR electrics for a while in the early seventies. Great guy with a wry sense of humour.  Kev powney 10/01/2014

AMY'S STORES (View page) "Just remembered the name of the other shop - it was 'Harman's'!"  Janet Finn  Purcell) 10/01/2014

AMY'S STORES (View page) "These pictures evoke so many memories. I spent all my childhood here. Remember buying our first sweets here when they came off ration Janet Finn (Purcell) 10/01/2014

JEAN CANTELL'S DANCE STUDIO (View page) "I just wish I was as flexible now! I loved ballet classes and regret giving it up to become a "cool teenager!" Helen Wagstaff (nee Russell) 10/01/2014

PARKER PEN WORKERS (View page) I have pic's of Eileen Kent when she came to visit my mum in Canada after we moved there. My mum was Mary (Molly) Kosonic. Carol Kosonic  10/01/2014

CLASS PHOTO (View page) "My brother and sister would have gone to Tideway before we left England to move to Canada. Carol Kosonic 10/01/2014

OLD AND NEW (View page) "Hello all, I was born in 1964 and lived at 2 The Rose Walk until I moved to Canada in 1972. Carol Kosonic 10/01/2014

THORN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (View page) "Just spotted another person in background of photo 2. Standing behind 'posing' Sue and leaning a against air tool pillar  Paul Blackman 04/01/2014

JEAN CANTELL'S DANCE STUDIO (View page) "After I wrote my comment I googled Jean Cantell & found a very interesting newspaper article from the Sussex Herald Brenda Hall 03/01/2014

JEAN CANTELL'S DANCE STUDIO (View page) "Yes, I remember Jean Cantell, she was thin, petite & elegant (like a ballet dancer, obviously) & wore her hair pulled back  Brenda Hall 03/01/2014

R LOWER & SONS (View page) "Re the query by John Wilson above. SM206 was built for Fred Bashford of Worthing and was called Breadwinner. Alastair Vickers 01/01/2014

THORN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (View page) "Many thanks for adding the names Paul - you had already identified them but I confess to having been too lazy to add them at the time. Colin Clarke 01/01/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page) "How the memories flood back - the Buckle Run and Tideway drama productions. Becky Cameron 01/01/2014

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) "Just discovered the site and brought back many memories. Tony Brown 01/01/2014

OUR LOCAL FOOTBALL STAR (View page) "Hi John - could you send me Amanda's email as I have done quite a bit of family history and she might be interested in it. Margaret Keehner 01/01/2014


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