February 2014

By Richard Beckett

FAVOURITE PLACES ( View page ) "I remember catching lots of wildlife near Lewes Road Rec and taking them home in jars.. Ron Herriott 28/02/2014

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "Does anyone have a email for Chris Young. Yes Ian, but we will ask Chris for his approval first. Editor." Ian Plater 28/02/2014

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "My dad was in the war time RAF air sea rescue in the middle east with 208mcu in Alexander and Port Said from about 1941-1945 Ian Plater 28/02/2014

CLASS OF '52 ( View page ) "This is actually from Meeching Infants (across School Lane from the Junior School). Brian Tucknott 28/02/2014

MEMORIES OF NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "With reference to the question by Michael Cawte, indeed Gerald and myself are first cousins. David Sweatman 28/02/2014

FAVOURITE PLACES ( View page ) "Yes, the pictures range from 1961 to 1969. I walked everywhere in those days. Caroline Morrison 25/02/2014

MEMORIES OF NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "David, were you by any chance related to the Sweatmans of Lewes Road. Michael Cawte 24/02/2014

BRIGHTON ( View page ) "As far as the Ferry - Steamer/Mailboat controversy is concerned my dad Leonard "Snowy" Corlett always referred to the vessels. Maurice Corlett 23/02/2014

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL ( View page ) "What memories, not all good ones. Teresa Mackintosh nee Hanaghan 23/02/2014

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "From the January to July in 1971, I lived on a houseboat in Newhaven. Phil smith 20/02/2014

MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL ( View page ) "Back row, fourth from the left is my brother Mark Connelly"

Matt Robinson 18/02/2014

NEWHAVEN BREAKWATER ( View page ) "Maurice Corlett. Now there's a blast from the past. William Stovell


DENTON CORNER NATURE RESERVE ( View page ) "Looks good, we look forward to coming over again. Terry Howard. 13/02/2014

OLD NEWHAVEN HARBOUR ( View page ) "George Sims Jnr and Chris Carrington were in my class at Newhaven County Secondary. Terry Walton 12/02/2014

NEWHAVEN BREAKWATER ( View page ) "Hi Maurice. Not sure if you remember me. Paul Blackman 11/02/2014

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT ( View page ) "Count me in for that! :)" Andy Gilbert 10/02/2014

FAVOURITE PLACES ( View page ) "The Rodmell river walk is an attraction for birdwatchers Terry Howard 09/02/2014

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT ( View page ) "Sounds like all us contributors should drop in for a pint."

Terry Howard 09/02/2014

NEWHAVEN BREAKWATER ( View page ) "I absolutely love this photo. Ann Hood: 08/02/2014

NEWHAVEN BREAKWATER ( View page ) "Today, in the Sydney Morning Herald, Maurice Corlett 08/02/2014

FAVOURITE PLACES ( View page ) "Thank you for the super photos Caroline. Bren Hall 08/02/2014

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT ( View page ) "Good. I'm planning a trip back later in the year. Rob Patten


NATIONAL COASTWATCH AT NEWHAVEN ( View page ) "The morning after the storm Rob Patten 08/02/2014

FAVOURITE PLACES ( View page ) "Living in Fort Road. Rob Patten 08/02/2014

FAVOURITE PLACES ( View page ) "Some happy memories dredged up there. William Stovell  07/02/2014

OLD NEWHAVEN HARBOUR ( View page ) "Very glad to hear George alive and well, Rob Vinall 07/02/2014

SCHOOL TRIP c1959 ( View page ) "Ooops! 1969 more like!  Andre Duchossoy 07/02/2014

NEWHAVEN GUIDE ( View page ) "I would be interested to contact Virgina Catherine Markham 07/02/2014

HOUSE BOAT ( View page ) "So who does own it? David Turner 07/02/2014

MEECHING COUNTY JUNIOR SCHOOL - 1955 ( View page ) "The headmistress at this time was Miss Alice Wadeson, Tony Evans 07/02/2014

THE OLD SWING BRIDGE ( View page ) "Great pictures, the top one is from 1962, Charlie Hutchings 07/02/2014

OLD NEWHAVEN HARBOUR ( View page ) "If you google 'Martin Jenner guitarist'  Bren Hall 07/02/2014

NEWHAVEN LOCO SHED ( View page ) "Part of the enjoyment of going to the east beach Bruce Macphee 07/02/2014

CHAPEL STREET - C1910 to C1960 ( View page ) "Bill Sims didn't drink and didn't smoke, Bruce Macphee 07/02/2014

HOLIDAYS IN NEWHAVEN - 1960's ( View page ) "I too remember the Boyles with great fondness. Steve Robinson 07/02/2014

YOUNG DANCERS AT THE DOWNS HOSPITAL - DEC-1965 ( View page ) "I was also one of the Princesses Caroline Morrison 07/02/2014

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL ( View page ) "I loved Miss Butlin's history classes Caroline Morrison 07/02/2014

CHRIST CHURCH CHURCH HALL ( View page ) "I remember school morning assemblies in the Church hall Caroline Morrison 07/02/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL ( View page ) " my dear friend Anne Beswetherick. Caroline Morrison07/02/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL ( View page ) I had Mrs. Neville for Domestic Science. Caroline Morrison 07/02/201

TIDEWAY SCHOOL - A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM ( View page I really enjoyed the whole experience, especially making my costume. Caroline Morrison 07/02/2014

JEAN CANTELL'S DANCE STUDIO ( View page ) "I love hearing your memories. Caroline Morrison. 07/02/2014

GRANNY SAVAGE & GEORGE MITCHELL'S FAMILY ( View page ) "I remember my nan living at 36 South Road. Gaynor Lowe (nee Mitchell) 07/02/2014

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT ( View page ) an article online that says the Bridge Inn has been saved. Rob Patten 07/02/2014

FERRIES IN THE 50s ( View page ) "I had completely forgotten Mae McLeod and John McLeod. Bruce Macphee 02/02/2014

COMPARATIVE FERRY SIZES - UPDATED ( View page ) a dramatic change in dimensions. Bruce Macphee


NEWHAVEN INFANTS SCHOOL ( View page ) "This teacher is Miss Angela Armon. Bruce Macphee 02/02/2014

MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL ( View page ) Mrs Greenfield was Canadian. Bruce Macphee. 02/02/2014

LOCO SHEDS ( View page ) "I can remember going in these sheds. Terry Howard 01/02/2014

BRIDGE STREET - c1960 ( View page ) Bruce its like trying to understand how an F1 engine/power unit works. Terry Howard 01/02/2014

DREDGER ( View page ) Arco Severn served various ballast plants. Bruce Macphee 01/02/2014

BRIDGE STREET - c1960 ( View page ) the engine was not behind the driver, it was alongside him. Bruce Macphee. 01/02/2014





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